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3 Automated Marketing and CRM Tips to Increase Sales

Use these tips to improve your marketing automation and increase sales.

Create the Right Workflows

It is important that you create workflows that guide a customer through the sales process. These workflows should have different triggers, depending on the customer’s actions. For example, reading an email and clicking on a link can trigger another follow-up email on the same subject. Your workflows should be based on customer personas; different actions can help you determine which segment of your target audience a certain customer fits into, and you can send them emails accordingly.

Use Multi-Channel Marketing

Marketing and CRM are best when several different channels are used in tandem. For example, your sales process should not just include sending emails, but at a certain point, you may want to trigger an alert for a customer rep to give the lead a call.

Similarly, you want to integrate different tools. For example, you can use sharing buttons in your emails so that your customers can share your newsletters on social media.

Send Shorter Emails

You might want to start sending shorter emails. The reason is that people are getting so many emails, and they do not have time to read each of them. Leave out unnecessary phrases, words, and information. Keep it short and to the point. Long emails have their place, but not every email should be like a blog post. When you do send long emails, you might want to include the main points at the beginning, along with the link you want your subscribers to click on.

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