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Bad News! You Don't GRAB Your Prospect with Powerful Content Development

Bad News!  Unless you get your reader to this point in your post, you have failed!


The key to Powerful Content Development actually starts with your Headline!  Once the headline has worked its magic and compelled your prospect to open a page or post, then content goes to work.


Unless the headline grabs their attention, they never see the content. So focus on developing eye catching headlines that will get them to read your content.


Here are some tips for developing Powerful, Eye Catching Headlines AND Content that will engage your prospects and compel them to action:


Use ACTION WORDS like GRAB, ACT, GO, SEE, HOW, etc. Remember you need to “get them in the door” first and then you can tell your story.  The magazines prominently displayed at checkout counters mastered this concept many years ago.  SHOCK your prospect into taking the action to read the “rest of the story”.


Create INTEREST – Answer the “What’s In It For Me” (WIFM) question.  Why should they read this post in the first place? 


Once you get them in the door, be sure your content is consistent with the headline or you will lose them before you start.  Be sure to answer the question or premise on which the headline is based.


Use numbering or bullets.  It draws the reader into the most important content you want them to see. It is a proven and effective way of organizing your thoughts and message.


Highlight and Bold your most important points.  Everyone skims content for the things they want to read.  Make it easy for them. Highlight and bold your “take aways” the items you want them to remember from your post, page or article.


Pose questions.  They nearly always work.  Will better content for your web pages or posts increase the number of visitors to your website? Or how does better content improve your online conversion rate.


Always remember that content like marketing, is about AIDA


  • Attention – First get their attention with a GRABBER Headline


  • Interest –  Answer the Why Questions – Sell the Sizzle


  • Desire – Answer the What Questions – Why Now! WIFM


  • Action – Call to Action – How should they respond?


Our Call to Action for you?


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