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Own a Business in the Triangle? Try SEO Services in Raleigh-Durham

If you are a business owner in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill or the surrounding area, you might be looking for ways to promote your business online. Even though you might have found a lot of online-based services that can help you, a better choice is to look for SEO services in Raleigh-Durham. Even though there are a lot of great search engine optimization companies out there that offer services to customers all over the nation and the world, choosing a local service can be a better choice for your local business.

First of all, by choosing a local SEO service, you will have the option to sit down and talk to someone in person about your business. If you prefer to do your business face-to-face when you can rather than over the phone or via email, this can be the better choice.

Secondly, you will be working with a company that actually understands your business. As you already know, the culture in Raleigh and throughout the state of North Carolina is unique when compared to many states. If you work with a local service that is based out of the Triangle, you can feel confident that your service will truly suit your customer base.

Lastly, there are a lot of not-so-legitimate companies out there that claim to offer the best SEO services. However, this is not always true. By working with a local business, you can gain peace of mind.

If you are interested in using the services of a local SEO company, contact us at MaaS Pros today!



Keep Your Brand Relevant with Trendy Content Development

Search engine optimization, website development and local marketing services are among the most vital factors that determine a successful positioning of your brand. Another major player in this setup is trendy content development.

Define Your Strategy

 Can you describe your buyer’s journey? Do you have a content flow system that works? Content marketing runs at such a fast pace that it requires a strong, well-defined process to maximize results. Thinking through the buyer’s journey and aligning your content development to that cycle is critical for success.

If content marketing is something new for your organization, invest in a content strategist. Securing help will produce an efficient game plan and channel your team’s energy toward a specific outcome. A strategist can help answer critical questions about your target audience, such as which sites they frequent, which types of media they prefer, what processes have worked in the past, and who or what is competing for their dollar. These answers can be used to develop a strategy that connects to customers and meets their needs.

Mix up the Content

Consumers are used to seeing forums, blogs and content-rich videos when browsing the Internet. It is a mistake to provide them with only one form of content on your website. No matter how good your blog posts are, if you do not offer live presentations or clever social media posts in addition, shoppers quickly move on to the nearest competitor who does. Keeping it trendy can be as simple as creating a blog post in response to a competitor’s viral video.

Stay Relevant around the Clock

If you take the weekend off, you probably miss some interesting happenings that would have made excellent forum or social media posts. Do not give your competitors the opportunity to create the Facebook meme that gets hundreds of shares. Even if you will be away from the computer and unable to generate content, consider canned posts that you can release at predetermined times of the day. It adds relevance to your brand. If all else fails, consider keeping it trendy with a well-timed Twitter post that you can expand on the following business day. Yet be careful! Plenty of entrepreneurs have gotten in over their heads in this manner.

Define Success

 What does success look like for your company? Determine what data needs to be tracked to measure outcomes. It may be the number of views, followers, leads, or something else. Once you’ve made that decision, experiment with different channels and types of media to see what works best and gets your message across to your audience.

Of the reasons given for ineffective content marketing strategies, only one is beyond your control. You can’t make it rain money or demand a larger budget, but you can control what content you create, which story you tell, and how you tell it. And that assignment is enough to keep any of us busy for a very long time.

When the notion of trendy content development is simply too burdensome to consider, get help from professionals. Do not give your competition a leg up because you did not invest in a professional content writing service that helps your website get attention. When tied in with your website development, you quickly set yourself apart from the entrepreneur who is trying to do it all (more or less successfully). Contact us at MaaS Pros to learn more.



Local Marketing Services: Why Online Reviews Matter

Local marketing services can help small and medium businesses attract new customers and build loyalty with their current ones. For some businesses, online interaction is the last in a long list of pressing items.  For others, reviews are like heading to the dentist for a root canal: You’re filled with dread when you think of them. Whatever the reason, what you don’t know will kill you, so start with a quick, do-it-yourself audit.  First, ask yourself where you would search if you were looking for your product. Check the usual search engines, blogs, online review and industry-specific sites. Remember: Losing revenue, customers, or even your business is much worse than the pain of reading negative commentary. In this blog, we’ll talk about the importance of customer reviews and the impact they have on your online marketing efforts.

The first reason online reviews are so important is the effect they have on your brand. Customers today are quicker to read online reviews than they are to consult a friend or family member, so having a few positive reviews can play a big role in your sales.

The second reason online reviews matter is because they factor into your search engine optimization (SEO). Like prospective customers, Google also cares about what users think about your company. According to a recent Business 2 Community article, this will have an impact on your PageRank and as such, you should place a review button on your website:

“It is believed that Google largely takes into consideration reviews when getting ranked high. You should know that reviews serve as a direct platform for customers to get easy information on products and services. The reviews are for Google users who find your business on SERP. One of the best ways to get easy reviews is by adding a button on your webpage itself.”

Not many customers will go out of their way to say nice things about your business, so it helps to make things easy for them. By adding an option to leave a review on your website or in marketing emails, you’ll remove the biggest hurdle.

Whether online or offline, you will get customer feedback–and hopefully, you also want it, because you know it’s an opportunity to strengthen your business. Just keep in mind that when someone comes into your store to complain, there might be a handful of other customers present. But online, consumers have an endless platform for airing grievances and a steady stream of people who will draw their own conclusions.

Just one final note: it’s important that you never solicit reviews under any circumstances. If you start telling customers what to say on Yelp and other social media sites, you’ll eventually get hit with a penalty for suspicious behavior. This will negate any progress you might have made by receiving good reviews.

So engage early and often. You will help balance the scales in the eyes of potential customers, rectify situations, whether perceived or real, and keep your fingers on the pulse of customer satisfaction.

Online reviews matter more than you might have guessed. To talk more about local marketing services, or anything else, contact us today.



SEO Services in Raleigh and Durham: How to Respond to Lackluster Performance

Waiting to see results is the most difficult part of SEO services in Raleigh and Durham. You know that SEO strategies don’t work overnight, but what happens if you’ve been waiting for several months and you haven’t noticed the slightest increase in your page rank? At this point, it’s worth double checking a few factors. Here are three things you can do to get your SEO campaign on track:

Allow Google to crawl your site

This is a frustratingly common problem when businesses handle SEO on their own. The worst thing you can do (besides get a penalty) is restrict Google from crawling your site. When that happens, it won’t matter what SEO tactics you employ.

According to a recent Forbes article, you should check your Google Webmaster account to see if there are any crawl errors associated with your site:

“If your site isn’t coming up in any search results, ever, it’s possible you’ve inadvertently restricted the search engines from accessing your site. The best way to ensure this isn’t the case is making sure you have a Google Webmaster account, and checking your account for crawl errors.”

Expand your website content

Another typical reason for a lackluster page rank is thin website content. You should reevaluate your content and see if there’s anything you can add.

The real problem here is that “thin content” is a relative term. Even if you thought your content was expansive in 2010, it’s almost definitely thin by now. That’s just the direction online marketing and SEO went.

Reevaluate your keywords and headlines

While you’re evaluating your content for its depth and value, you should also take a look at technical SEO factors. See if you followed basic SEO rules when you entered keywords and headlines. Just a tiny mistake in this area can leave your SEO strategy incomplete.

There’s always a possibility to improve your SEO campaign. To talk more about SEO services in Raleigh or Durham, please contact us. Thanks.

How SEO Services in Raleigh Durham Factor in Page Speed

Page speed is a major factor in SEO services in Raleigh Durham. How fast your site loads doesn’t just impact your user experience, but your search engine optimization as well. Since these are two of the most important aspects of online marketing, you should make improving your page speed a priority.


First, we’ll take a look at how page speed factors into your SEO. Like other components, it depends on how Google weighs it in its algorithm.

Google looks for a couple of factors when it determines your page rank. In addition to your reputation and content, the search engine also evaluates your website’s functionality. According to a recent Forbes article, you can improve your page speed — and SEO, as well — by cleaning your site up:

“Use a tool like Pingdom to see how fast your site loads—the faster it loads, the better. You can improve your site speed by fixing any hosting issues, shrinking the images on your site, and clearing out any unnecessary plugins or meta information that could slow information transfers down.”

User experience

Let’s forget about the technical aspect, though. Your main goal is to provide customers with a smooth user experience when they access your website.

Think back to the last clunky website you visited. How long did you stay on the page before giving up? Consumers aren’t known for their patience, so you shouldn’t expect them to wait for your pictures and images to load.

Mobile is another important factor. If your site loads quickly on desktops but slowly on mobile devices, then you need to make a few changes.

Sometimes business owners forget about indirect SEO factors. Page speed is a good element to focus on since it improves other things besides your SEO, like your user website experience.

To talk more about SEO services in Raleigh Durham, or anything else, please contact us. Thanks.

SEO Services in Raleigh Durham: Lead Generation vs. Conversion

Both lead generation and lead conversion play big roles in SEO Services in Raleigh Durham. The real question is which one your business should concentrate more on. In this blog we’ll explain why it’s important to find a balance between the two and how you can do so through content creation.

There’s no chicken-or-the egg situation here. It’s clear that lead generation comes before conversion, but that doesn’t necessarily make it more important. It does mean, however, that you can’t convert leads if you don’t generate them in the first place.

So how does all of this apply to content creation? We typically associate lead generation with SEO and conversion with quality content. According to a recent Search Engine Land article you need to optimize your content for SEO to generate leads, but that content needs to be good if you want to convert them to sales:

“With users in mind, your content should be formed around the interests of audience segments to offer more value. Targeting your content will draw stronger followings and deliver more quality leads. While achieving high search rankings for keyword targeted content is valuable, speaking to an audience is what drives engagement and conversions.”

This brings us back to a bigger topic being discussed today. After many months, there’s still no clear winner between content marketing and SEO.

And there probably won’t ever will be. We already know that you need to blend technical and human elements in your content if you want to succeed in online marketing. The trend lately has been to focus more on content creation, but SEO won’t ever go away. As long as Google keeps using its algorithm to generate search results, SEO will continue to play a significant role in online marketing.

To talk more about SEO services in Raleigh Durham, or anything else, please contact us. Thanks.