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Mobile Compatible Websites: What if?

What if I could use my phone to view everything on a website with just one step and no scrolling?

Somebody asked that question and today we have Mobile compatible websites. In fact, the chart on our Responsive Web Design page shows that “by 2014, more people will access the Internet using their mobile devices than through a computer,” summarized by Jacob Myong in a recent article on CDAPress.com. He further points out “most recent studies show that there are 140 million to 160 million active smart phones in the U.S. today. Last year, we surpassed 1 billion active smart phones in the world.”

With 1 billion potential visitors to YOUR company’s website, you should be excited about new trends and ready to re-invent your desired visibility with a mobile compatible website that includes these features. Standard Mobile Markups (like XHTML Mobile or HTML5) will keep the content integrity and accessibility of your on-line presence. This means that you want to avoid site access through downloads and discard closed video and audio formats like Flash. Keep your pages short: Ask yourself what can I view without scrolling? Minimize the use of images for the sake of loading time, and use “Single column layout to minimize left/right navigation.”

After setting up the site, you need to prepare for retainability with your visitors. Anticipating the future of 160 million prospects, the plan must be sophisticated enough to capture and speak to each potential customer, which leads us to our next question.

What if a website could automatically adjust its visibility and response to search visits based on the device being used?

Bedshed, an Australian retail franchise chain, asked that question and a whole new level of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) was employed. The “type of device used reflects the time of day people access the site, with pc and desktop access common at lunchtime and mobile or tablet usage much stronger in the evenings” explains Bedshed’s chief operating officer Gavin Culmsee. This on-line retail marketing tool   broadens the definition of “mobile” through its intuitive customer viewing experience. Culmsee explains, “our new website responds to this variability by automatically re-adjusting its dimensions to accommodate different browser sizes. It’s easy to navigate and access the desired information regardless of whether the site is being viewed from a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.” And the result is a staggering 500% increase in customer traffic over 12 months.

Now what do you want YOUR mobile compatible website to do? “In a digital world where the key to success is staying current and keeping up-to-date, not only to survive, but to thrive is quite a challenge. You have to find the perfect resource,” says Myong. Contact us for that perfect resource. What’s your question?