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Your Business, Search Engine Optimization, and Supplementary Content

Your business is virtually invisible online without expertly applied search engine optimization (SEO). Basic strategies include adequate keyword prominence within your content, the use of latent semantic indexing keywords (LSI), and unique content additions at regular intervals. Of course, this is not enough to catapult your company’s website to the top of the Google Rankings. Google wants to drive traffic to the websites they feel give users the best overall user experience.  And Google can tell if users are finding what they want on your page if those users go and click another search result within a very short time span of visiting your site.  Bottom line, Google knows if they don’t deliver the best possible set of search results that they run the risk of losing out on some of their search share to Bing, or another competitor. Another aspect includes the presence of supplementary content (SC).

What is Supplementary Content (and what is it not)?

In fact, SC can make or break your reputation with Google. The search engine giant places this content under the heading of page quality. It should be helpful rather than distract from the consumer’s enjoyment of the main content. At the same time, it should not be an advertisement that underscores your main content’s message.

Think of SC as something that you put on your web pages simply to enhance the enjoyment of visitors. Without ulterior motives, you just want to give shoppers an opportunity to learn more about your business, products or niche in a non-sales-driven way. For example, if you sell green widgets, you might post images to related or similar products that could enhance buyers’ enjoyment of green widgets.

Tying Related Content to Your Current Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Now is a good time to evaluate your current SEO strategy against the backdrop of helpful supplementary content availability.

One of the big things that Google mentions is links to related and interesting content on a website that has many pages. Note that it’s not referring to helpful content on other sites, but more as a way to increase visibility on the site with lots of pages and to encourage users to find other similar content that user might enjoy.

These are the things that increases a person’s time on a website, and means that when Google delivered that search result originally, the searcher found more than what they were looking for.

So the big thing is related content. If you’re running a site that’s run on WordPress, there are multiple plug-ins available that will refer people to similar content on your site. Some are fancier than others, such as ones that displaying not only the article title, but thumbnails and author information, while others are simply links with the title of the article.

Low quality or high-quality content? Is your SC little more than a combination of “buy me” posts and supportive links that try to achieve the goal of your web page? If so, it is time to change out the content with high-quality options instead.

No content. The absence of helpful SC can hurt your page ranking, too. Add some now. Contact us today for assistance with the addition of supportive supplementary content that might just give you the boost in the Google rankings you need.