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Videos: Social Media Marketing Fit for Sharing

At the heart of any social media marketing campaign worth its salt is the creation of content that has a broad appeal and invites sharing as well as online engagement. Although amusing memes can propel even a small furniture company into the limelight for a while, nothing captures the eye, the imagination and the propensity for clicking the “share” button like a video.

Why Businesses Shy Away from Video Marketing

In a word: money. Entrepreneurs frequently envision big-budget settings with scripts, props, and expensive equipment. Many understand that going it alone, without the expertise in video production, leads to the type of commercial output that you see on cable television in the middle of the night. The sound is off; the colors are too dark, and the acting looks forced. We are here to tell you that you have it all wrong.

Making Videos an Integral Part of Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

The Visual Teaching Alliance proves that getting to the consumer is best done through the eyes. Sixty-five percent are visual learners, but only ten percent learn through the auditory process. What you say is therefore not as important as what you present. Skilled video marketing experts know how to create brief, 30-second videos that quickly appeal. The brevity of these messages makes them ideal for sharing on social media.

Keep the Core Message Short and Concise

Keep the video to 30-60 seconds. Let’s face it, pretty much everyone in your target audience has a very short attention span these days. If you want a message or offer to be heard by a target audience it had better be delivered quickly. The statistics we pull from our video analytics reporting show video viewership drops off consistently and dramatically after 60 seconds. A beautifully designed and produced online video that’s more than a minute long will most likely not been seen in its entirety by the target audience.

Measure the Results

Like most all online marketing initiatives the analytics gathered from online video viewership can be of tremendous strategic value to marketers and business owners. Being able to measure important metrics such as video views, time viewed, traffic sources in aggregate or for individual videos helps marketers understand when a video is effectively reaching its target audience (and when it’s not). Marketers are always under pressure to show results. Detailed analytics about online videos helps marketers and determine which content, offers and locations are most effective for their video marketing initiatives.

Capitalizing on Your Brand Display

Your social media presence should be a good mix of interactions and posted videos. Backlinks should lead to landing pages. Tie in your website’s development with content-rich blogs. Moreover, add longer videos detailing how-to instructions on your site. Contact us today to find out how our affordable marketing services make this an advertising solution that you can easily incorporate with your local online presence.



Reach Out To Millennials With Video Marketing

How do you reach the consumer who was born between 1980 and 2000? Interestingly enough, video marketing holds the greatest promise for reaching a customer demographic that we know as Millennials or Generation Y.

Today, millennials consume video for more than just entertainment. They use video to learn about companies and make purchase decisions. According to a recent consumer study by Animoto, eight out of ten millennials find video helpful when researching a product or service. In fact, they’re 85% more likely than baby boomers to purchase a product or service if they can watch a video explaining it beforehand.

Video helps guide millennials through the purchase cycle. You can do so in a number of ways, like including demo videos on product pages or embedding customer testimonials on an “About Us” page. For example, New York Yoga uses video to show potential customers what it’s like to attend their classes. It’s easier than ever for consumers to make purchase decisions and have intimate interactions with brands online.

$200 Billion Purchasing Power (and rising)

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation reports that this generation has an annual purchasing power of an estimated $200 billion and another $500 billion in indirect spending potential. Mind you, this generation’s highest spending influence potential is still years in the future. Actively wooing Millennials and integrating them into your customer base now may yield profitable sales not just today but also in the future.

Reach the Millennial Customer Demographic with Videos

It is common knowledge that this demographic is what drives social media marketing and television programming as well as the associated ad placement. They set up social media profiles and spend hours interacting on these sites. They love to share content with “friends,” “subscribers” and “followers.”

Not surprisingly, video marketing is an ideal medium to reach out to a generation of customers who unabashedly follow brands across multiple social media platforms. No other marketing tool works as effectively across these platforms as the video. Engaging, colorful, easy to share and quick to generate a buzz, it offers endless possibilities.

Drive Results and Keep Millennials Engaged

Nearly half of millennials consider companies that produce video content as experts on their product or service. As branded video content becomes increasingly popular, companies that capitalize on this opportunity will be seen as early adopters and interesting brands to follow.

Video doesn’t just improve brand perception; it also drives results. In analyzing 2 million tweets posted over the course of a month last year, Twitter found videos boosted retweets by 28%. Liveclicker’s “Video Commerce Report” revealed that companies that include video on product pages see a higher conversion rate and higher average order value.

Aside from the business advantages of video, brands need to understand that millennials simply prefer it to text. In fact, two-thirds of millennials said in an Animoto survey that they would rather watch a video from a company instead of reading text; nearly half said they only watch video on their mobile devices.

Putting Together a Strategy

Since you are dealing with a media-savvy consumer, you cannot afford to take an amateur approach to the message. Instead, consider the formulation of a marketing strategy that incorporates videos and reinforces the message with social media posts, shareable memes and similar ad tools.

Contact us today to learn how to tell the story of your product or service in such a way that Generation Y and Millennials will recognize the value and buy into the message you are promoting.



Top 6 Video Marketing Mistakes You Might be Making Right Now

Digital Information World did some number crunching and found that during one minute of users interacting on Facebook, some 323 days of YouTube videos are being viewed. Add to this that there are about 50,000 links shared during this Facebook minute, and it makes sense that video marketing can mean big business for your company. Yet are you doing it right? We have found six common mistakes that many entrepreneurs and businesses make.


  1. Faulty Brand Placement


Your video has everything: music, compelling content and a witty punch line. Unfortunately, shoppers have no idea what you were advertising when they are done watching the video. If you do not have your advertised product, logo and similar branding material in every shot, you are missing out.


  1. Slow Beginning


It is okay to define the content in the first few seconds of your video. However, if the content does not grab the audience’s attention within the first 10 seconds, folks likely pass on your presentation. Marketing videos should be relatively short anyways. Do not waste time with lengthy introductions.


  1. Overly Promotional


Believe it or not, people don’t visit websites to watch ads; they get to see enough of those on TV. While it’s important that a video effectively promotes a product or service, it’s just as important that it’s not overdone. No-one likes a salesperson who gives the hard-sell, so why would anyone want to watch an online video applying the same techniques?

If you’ve ever seen any of those annoying ads on shopping channels, you’ll know what I’m talking about. So focus on entertaining the viewer and/or educating them, rather than forcing your product or service down their throats. Treat your viewers as intelligent individuals and show that you care.


  1. Inexpert Niche Targeting


Unlike a print ad or your website, a video should target a narrowly defined demographic. Although it is tempting to be all things to all people, in video marketing this approach is not a good concept for a brief piece. Gear your video’s content and voice toward the shoppers who are most likely to buy your products.


  1. Only Uploading to YouTube


YouTube is the most popular video sharing site in the world but a lot of people forget there are plenty of others too. If you don’t upload your video to other video sharing sites, you’re very likely restricting the reach of your video significantly.

Upload your video to any other video sharing sites with a large audience including Vimeo and Dailymotion.


  1. Presenting a Video with a Homemade Feel


When watching late-night cable TV, you can always point out the commercials that the businesses did themselves. The storyline is frequently cheesy, the lighting is off and the message is so-so. In contrast, you can tell the professionally done ones simply by the ease with which all the elements of a successful commercial integrate. The same is true for website video marketing.

When you want the professional quality, you need to hire industry leaders. Contact us today to learn more about our marketing services for large and small businesses.



Video Marketing on Facebook

Video marketing is becoming ever more important as consumers become increasingly comfortable with visual content as opposed to text-based content. When people think web videos, YouTube comes to mind. But YouTube doesn’t have to be the primary home for your videos. In fact, when it comes to brands, YouTube is no longer the number one resource for uploading videos.

According to Facebook’s most recent quarterly report, businesses/brands are now uploading more videos to Facebook than to YouTube. Facebook now has about 8 billion video views per day and 500 million people watching those videos every day.

So why are brands choosing to upload directly to Facebook instead of YouTube?

Facebook favors natively uploaded videos

Because of the way Facebook’s algorithm works, your natively uploaded content will get up to 52 times more views than if you share it as a YouTube link. Uploading directly to Facebook also allows the auto-play feature to kick in, so people are much more likely to see your video.

If you are a growing brand without much extra money for advertising, don’t feel as if you need a professional to get your videos out there. Just follow a few simple guidelines:

  • 22 seconds is the magic number when it comes to completion rates, so keep it short!
  • Use a plain backdrop.
  • Get a stand to hold your smartphone; a wobbly image is a major turn-off for viewers.
  • Record horizontally.

Pin Your Videos

Facebook allows you to pin your video content at the top of your business page to keep it from being pushed down as you publish new content. By pinning videos to the top of your page, you can ensure this will be the first post visitors see.

Target Video Content

Facebook is one of the best ways your business can speak directly to those who know and like your products or services. Create video content that is tailored to fit your dedicated fanbase and give them something to look forward to and respond to, rather than video content that is meant for a general audience.

Focus on Entertaining

Facebook is not a place for deep decision-making, so focusing on informative yet entertaining content will be best received.

More Video is Better

Your Facebook audience is much more inclined to watch video content than read text. It is important to post high-quality content, but don’t let focusing too much on this or spending too much time on one video get in the way of pushing out more, new content.

Communicate a Message

Avoid bothering your Facebook fans to share or follow your brand; this will become annoying very quickly. Instead focus on another message you can relay to your audience. For example, have them check out your company blog for more details on an event or promotion, or propose a question at the end of your video to encourage fans to interact right then within your post.

Be Consistent

If your goal is to release new video content continuously but not sure what is too much or not enough, try posting video content every other week, then polling your Facebook fans to see if they want to see more or less original content from your brand. This is a good way to determine the consistency of video content that works best for your audience.

Facebookers love sharing video more than any other type of content, so if you want to spread the word about your brand, this is how you do it. Remember, the goal of your video content should be to get viewers to your Facebook business page and want to find out more information.

Still have questions? Here at MaaS Pros, we market for results. Contact us to find out what we can do for you.



Seven Reasons You Need To Add Video Marketing to Grow Your Business

Video marketing is gaining in popularity, especially with small business owners. You may not think that you have the equipment to make high quality videos but you don’t really need expensive equipment. All you need is a sparkling personality and a decent video camera.



You really need to try to add video marketing to help you grow your business. Here are some reasons why!

Videos are more likely to go viral

People love to share videos that entertain them. If you want your business to get noticed, then you need to create videos that will get shared on social media.

Automatically Increase the Magnetism of Your Website

If you have been surfing the web long enough, inevitably you have visited a Web 2.0 property which features a video on the homepage. Having this kind of a setup increases the visitor retention on the page. People are more likely to be intrigued by the product or service and might stay around to find out more if they are presented with an entertaining video explaining the purpose of the website or the service.

Increase Sales By Alleviating Doubts

For example, assume the case of a website that reviews mobile phones and includes the webmaster’s affiliate links at the end of each review. Now for a physical product such as a mobile phone, a video review can show things to the visitor that simply cannot be conveyed effectively through text. In these cases, a video is a far more effective tool to increase the chance of conversions, and subsequently helping the business make money online.

Personalized Experience for Your Customers

You can guide your visitors to different sections of your website using videos making the whole experience similar to visiting an actual store. Videos put a face on the merchant and make the users more comfortable doing business with them. Using intelligent data mining, many websites are now providing personalized video experiences that are catered specifically to the individual customer’s buying habits and in many cases reference past purchases.

We live in a visual world

People would rather watch videos to get information than read long informational blogs and articles. They don’t have the attention spans to read. They get too bored.

Videos make your business seem more real

Videos of people make your business seem less of a business and more personal. It puts a face to your business. People will remember you from your video.

YouTube is the second largest social media outlet

It is only second to Facebook. This goes to show you that people love to watch Facebook. Your business needs to be on Facebook and YouTube to get noticed.

In summary, video marketing is highly beneficial for improving brand recognition and customer retention. You need to add video marketing to your marketing plan because we live in a visual world. People love to watch videos and YouTube is the second largest social media outlet. To get your business noticed, you need to be on Facebook and YouTube. Videos are also more likely to go viral so your business can take off!

Contact us for more information about marketing your small business.



Three Tips to Follow When Using Videos to Promote Your Business


When using a video for marketing purposes, businesses seem to skip the obvious. If you’re a fan of the show, The Office, you would have seen the episode where Dunder Mifflin makes their first commercial. Reps came in to make the video and it was the one that was aired; but it was too impersonal. Michael’s video however, was spot on. When making a video for marketing purposes, try to remember these three crucial steps:

Connect with the Camera

Make the video personal. Make a connection with the camera. The best way to do that is talk into the camera as if you were talking to a person. This will grab the viewers’ attention as if you were in the same room together. To stand out, have someone from the actual business be a part of the video. This way, people will recognize you and start to build trust.

Tell Your Story

When making a video to market for your company, it’s always a good idea to tell your story. What does your business do? Why? What started it? Storytelling is a good way to evoke emotions and be memorable. Show how your product will benefit them. How it’s something they not only want, but need.

Make Your Viewers Participate

Although making a video is a huge first step, don’t forget to include your viewers and customers. Use a call to action technique. If you want customers to visit your website or blog or Twitter, ask them, directly. Ask them to share your video or subscribe to your new YouTube channel. Involve them and let them know you appreciate their time and interest.
In closing, by adhering to these 3 guidelines you can utilize videos effectively to make your business remarkable.

Please contact us for more secret video marketing strategies that can be customized to your business and industry.

Why Video Marketing Is The Best Way To Boost Your Campaign

For years our society has become obsessed with instant gratification, they want it and more importantly they want it now. Thanks to technology video marketing has become the most popular and efficient way to share information. The following are 3 great ways that a professional video can boost your company’s marketing campaign.


Videos are unique with the capacity to be shared across platforms.

Up until the introduction of the internet, video advertising had traditionally been broadcasted on television. Technological innovations have created countless platforms that feature advertisement videos. These videos can now be shared cross-platform with nearly all social media channels. These videos are now included in posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. As well as being embedded in blogs, websites and even in emails. Videos are now the most popular form of advertisement, thanks to its versatility in targeting specific markets based on the social channels you post them to.


Videos achieve the longest lasting impression amongst audiences.

In a way technology is playing a trick on the human mind each time someone watches a video. Many psychological studies suggest that our mind cannot differentiate between our best friend and our favorite TV character. With some quality advertising copy and in-depth character building, your company can take advantage of this psychological phenomenon through your marketing campaign. Using this method you can develop and maintain a lasting relationship with your customers built from trust.


Video is no doubt the preferred communication format of the age!

Since before YouTube, broadcast television had already set up video as the preferred communication format. As Hollywood started creating movies from books, the number of readers dropped and more people instead attended the cinema rendition. Thanks to Skype and FaceTime, voice to voice contact is no longer the only kind we are capable of thru our smart devices. This pattern will only increase over time, as it does video will be more vital in society. The businesses that ensure they reach their ideal audience thru this preferred form of communication will ultimately sustain the most growth.


The further we venture in this digital age, the more prominent that video will become a key communication tool, especially for business. Contact us for more information on how your business’ marketing campaign can be boosted by adding professional videos.

Include Content to Maximize Video Marketing Success

Just as you originally branched out to the web by creating a website, in hopes of attracting online business, you should also branch out in regard to the type of content you provide to your visitors.

For instance, written content is helpful, especially for the search engines, but videos can do a better job of describing certain pieces of information or selling your products or services.

When you invest in video marketing, you also want to prioritize content marketing simultaneously.

Play by Google’s Rules

Some people might think that video marketing means they no longer have to write content, but if you are interested in ranking well in Google search and other search engines that follow a similar algorithm, producing written content is simply not going to go away.

Fortunately, you do not have to actually write new content, you can simply transcribe your videos into text, and then post them on your website with the video included.

Summarize Key Points

A complete transcript is ideal as this will take advantage of your video marketing efforts to maximize the content on an individual page, but it also helpful to take note of key points throughout your videos.

Highlighting these points with formatting, bold text, or italic text can help your visitors skim through the content to find out what they are looking for, or to find a certain part of the video to watch.

Give a Home to Your Videos on Your Website

While YouTube will give you a reliable place to upload your videos, you should also help your video find a home on your website as this is how you will increase the authority of your website.

Getting started with video marketing can be quite challenging for an inexperienced individual, so feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about this type of marketing.

Video Marketing: Content Marketing Will Become More Visual

In 2014, content marketing soared to new heights. Most businesses that participated started posting written blogs and videos once a week. To give their content more exposure, they also posted it all over social media. Since this also improved their SEO, everybody was happy.

We expect more of the same this year but with an added focus on video marketing. Marketing efforts tend to become more visual over time, and we fully expect businesses to incorporate this element in their content marketing strategies.

And we don’t just expect to see more videos, either. There are several visual options marketers have at their disposal. Businesses are already starting to convert their blogs to infographs to cater to more visual learners.

If you can manage to make those infographs informative, then that’s even better. According to a recent Search Engine Journal article, they’re going to become a lot more popular in the New Year:

“In 2015, content will become more visual and interactive. Infographics, for example, are both informative and beautifully designed. Images that captivate the audience and share relevant information will continue to gain traction in content marketing next year.”

Other visual options you can choose from include pictures and GIFs. These are simpler but they can have the same effect on consumers.

If you had success with content marketing in 2014, then you already know that the tide started turning. We don’t necessarily expect to see a drop in the number of blogs or articles businesses write, but the proportion of written content to visual content will decrease dramatically.

Rather than turning away from content marketing, businesses are doubling-down by investing in other types of content. Specifically, they’re starting to create more videos and infographs that appeal to visual learners.

To talk more about video marketing, or anything else, please contact us. Thanks.

How to Take Advantage of Continued Growth in the Realm of Video Marketing

As 2014 speeds along so does the growth of Video marketing. Our world is quickly changing and with new ideas being presented to us all the time in the realm of technology, the digital based advertising world is exploding. You may be considering increasing your video marketing expenditure and that could be a great decision. To get the most out of your money you will want to use some of the new approaches that will lead to further growth in the video marketing industry.


How We Will Continue To See Video Marketing Grow


To get the most out of video marketing, companies will take a cross screen approach. This means spreading advertising over TV, mobile, and web mediums.


Companies will begin to pull money from other places in their advertising budget and will place more of this money into video marketing.


Creativity will become a key factor, as micro-video platforms become a popular forum for brands to get their message out there. Sites such as Vine, Instagram, and Tumblr will become great platforms for companies to experiment with.


Smart watches and Google glass will bring a new way for advertisers to get their video marketing seen, the challenge will be working out what consumers of these new screens are looking for.


Video marketing will see a flood of new buyers come on to the video marketing scene. This is due to the fact that video marketing has seen a steady growth pattern over the past 3 years, these growth patterns don’t look to be slowing down any time soon.


Mobile video marketing is seeing the biggest surge with a study from Adap.tv’s showing that 70 percent of agency video buyers are buying mobile video. This is a big jump from 2010, when the number was closer to 40 percent.


The clear line that now marks TV and online video will start to be erased, viewers will start watching a show on TV, then finish it up on their smartphone. Video marketing will need to adjust to this disappearing line and start to understand exactly which consumers are watching at what time and on what medium.


We should see new ways to measure audience response when it comes to video marketing being used across different mediums. This has been a downfall in the industry, as there really has not been a successful way to measure which type of ads are attracting audiences.


Social networking platforms will continue to play a big part in getting a company’s video marketing campaigns viewed by millions. Once a marketing campaign begins, using social networking can make all the difference when it comes to consumer impact.


 Overall we should continue to see growth in the video marketing space through the end of 2014 and into 2015. If you have questions on how video marketing could help your business, contact us at MaasPROS.


Use Video Marketing to Gain a Mobile Advantage for Your Business

While content marketing is an effective way to reach customers and help them, you may find that looking into alternatives can provide even greater results. Businesses avoid video marketing because they are not used to the concept of making videos as a source of regular content or to solve problems, but it is one of the best choices a business can make for increasing their overall success.


Customers Watch Videos


If you sell products, making a simple video of a product and how it can be used to a customer’s advantage is more than enough to get the product sold. It is not necessary to spend an outrageous amount of money on paid advertisements when you can do your own marketing for absolutely nothing. Whether you show how to use a product or show interested visitors on how it can benefit them, there are so many ways you can create video content on a regular basis to attract customers.


Easy to Search for Videos


Searching for videos is very easy, and some people even prefer to watch videos over reading articles. After coming home from school or work and reading documents, books, or papers, a person is more likely to sit down and watch a video than to find more reading to do about a product or service. Making it easy for your potential customers is how you will gain more customers, and this is by video marketing.


Gain a Mobile Advantage


Not only is it easy to share videos compared to articles, which is a huge plus for businesses that utilize video marketing, but it is extremely mobile. Tablets, smartphones, laptops, and other mobile devices are so common that not investing in mobile business means missing out on a huge opportunity.


Check out my eBook and contact us for more information about video marketing.


Gain a New Audience and More with Video Marketing

Gaining success in the online world requires a combination of many things. Some businesses strive on top-notch customer service while others provide the most competitive prices on the market, but there is room for plenty of methods to be successful. In this case, video marketing is one of them, and one that you should consider for your business for a number of reasons.


Videos Are Easy to Share


It is so simple and easy to share a video. Social media platforms have built-in ways to share videos, and sometimes all it takes is a click or two to share a video to hundreds or thousands of people. While your videos may not end up going viral, having them shared among people interested in your business should be more than enough to gain an increase in potential customers.


Videos Are Great for Gaining a Following


If you are good at making videos, and people are interested in what you have to say, more likely than not, people will return for more. It is crucial to use this to your advantage, whether you start a video series that tackles specific problems or just make helpful and interesting videos as you please.


Videos Come with Extensive Analytics


There are many statistics that can be acquired from video content, which will not only help you with marketing and creating future videos, but with creating the right web content for your website. Videos are also much easier to comment on compared to an article, so you are more likely to get feedback on your service, website, product, or video, which can help your business improve in the future.


Contact us to learn more about video marketing and be sure to check out my eBook.

How to Improve Your Success with Video Marketing for Your Business

Video marketing is a method that is rather unique compared to other types of marketing. It is possible to promote your business in numerous ways with videos, which means you have a few decisions to make regarding video marketing and how you can grow your business.


Publish Content on a Regular Basis


Once you have begun producing video content, your visitors are going to want more. While there is nothing wrong with a written article, most people on the web have become accustomed to reading articles to gather information about a product or service, so being able to watch a video can be refreshing. It can take a while to gain a following through video marketing, which especially depends on your angle, but persistent effort will eventually lead to more traffic and greater success with video marketing.


Get Feedback before Investing Large


If you plan on investing a lot into video content, you should make sure you are doing it the right way. It is ideal to get professional feedback before posting videos, which can be done through business networking or hiring a company to help you with video marketing in the beginning. After you acquire a considerable amount of knowledge about this type of marketing, you should be able to do well on a consistent basis.


Make Sure to Have a Strong Introduction


Whether it is a visitor’s 1st or 10th video of yours that they are watching, a top-notch introduction will go a long way in keeping a visitor around. It is important to engage your visitors quickly, and this is because they are much more likely to watch the entire video after being engaged successfully in the beginning.


Contact us for more information, or to discuss your options for professional assistance with video marketing. Also, feel free to check out my free eBook for tips on internet marketing.

Target Senior Executives with Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the most effective tools that your business can utilize today. Wholly customizable, it engages a narrowly defined target audience as well as a broader viewership. Besides, videos neatly break up the monotony of an all-text website. Forbes Insights has discovered that a happy side effect of placing engaging video marketing content on your website is the potential of getting you noticed by senior business executives.


Statistics reveal that about 80 percent of senior execs consider online videos a “critical information source.” Business-related websites that feature these videos are a key destination. That said, at least 52 percent of executives view their work-related video content on YouTube weekly. The conversion rate is rather high as well. Sixty-five percent of polled upper level managers report visiting a vendor’s website because of a video’s content.


Why Has Video Consumption Increased by Business’ Upper Echelons?


To hear iStock say it, “video is the new print.” Any business that seeks to portray itself as a thought leader in its niche must keep in step with the times and perhaps be just a bit closer to the cutting edge than the competition. Measuring the consumption of online videos, the group noticed an 800-percent increase over the course of six years.


The vast majority of online video consumers fall into the 18 to 34 years old demographic, which does 90 percent of the viewing. As company’s new upper level management comes from a generation that was reared with the help of electronic media consumption, it stands to reason that this trend will continue.


How Does The Shift Away from Text-only Affect Your Business Today?


The numbers show that websites with video content keep the attention of Internet users. In fact, they spend 88 percent longer on the site than on a text-only website. Unless you want to give your competitors an advantage, you have to add video content to your site now. That said there is more to attracting website visitors and converting viewers into buyers than just adding a few videos. If you are targeting the business community in general and senior executives in particular, your conversion rate heavily depends on three factors:


Brevity of the video – While it is true that your video is done when all the information is included, remember that executives do not have too much time to devote to viewing videos. Keeping the content crisp and concise is a careful balancing act that nevertheless keeps the viewer watching.


High-quality copy – Although videos are increasingly displacing text, the content of your website is still important. If it is outdated, riddled with inaccuracies or plain boring, you will not reap as many benefits of the presentation as a competitor might.


Targeted traffic – This, of course, depends heavily on your email marketing, search engine optimization and also landing page optimization. When you add the social media marketing component to the mix, it is clear that senior executives love video marketing for a good reason: It gives them short and snappy bits of information in an attractive setting.


If all this sounds a bit confusing, do not worry. Our informative ebook explains this – and more! Contact us for additional information on adding videos to your website setup today.


How to Try Out Video Marketing at Little to No Cost

Internet connection speeds are growing faster. The numbers and types of data access, such as tablets and smartphones, are increasing. Both factors are responsible for the growing use of video as a marketing tool. You want to try it out, if only to keep up with your competitors, who all have short films on their sites.


However, it looks like a professionally produced video production can cost thousands of dollars and entail hours of planning. Fortunately, by using these tips, you can try video marketing out at little to no cost to see if it works for you.


Use what you have. You, your employees, or your family members most likely already have video capture devices on your smart phones, tablets, laptops, or webcams. Use this equipment to create your videos and you won’t have to spend a dime. Do not worry about quality at this point. The lack of polish only adds authenticity to your production.


Demonstrate something useful to your customers. If you want people to watch what you make, try to solve a problem that they have. Your effort can only be peripherally related to your products and services. For example, if you sell cutting boards, talk about the best way to peel and chop an onion.


Keep it short and self-contained. Do not ramble on for hours. Cover a short topic that takes no more than three minutes to explain. If your video runs any longer, your viewers are likely to skip it. End with a description of your contact information, which may be as simple as a shot of your business card.


Upload your video to YouTube. This site is the easiest and most convenient way to distribute what you make. In addition, most people are already familiar with the site. Post a link back to your company web pages in the video description.


Tell your current customers about your video by posting links to it in your blog, email newsletters, and website. Publish a video regularly so customers will have a reason to return to your site or YouTube channel.


If you want more help with video marketing or want other ways to call attention to your business, please check out our free eBook or contact us.


Video Marketing: Types of Videos to Use in Your Online Video Strategy

Video marketing is to visual media as content writing is to the textual world. You need good video messages to appeal to your target audience. But there are many types of videos. Which type is best for your business? Here is a look at some of the different types of videos and how they can work for you.




The world of content writing has taught us that explaining things to someone in an organized fashion goes a long way toward conversions, and sales no longer has to be an “in your face” hard core approach. People tend to respond more to useful information and advice rather than a hard-nosed sales approach. This type of approach reminds us all of the shady used car salesman trying to pass off a car that’s falling apart for a small fortune.




Gone are the days when you had to use aggressive sales techniques. People have grown tired of this approach. They are looking for something new. Now, with the advent of internet and digital technology, businesses have come to realize that people can simply “turn off” the message easily with one click if they don’t want to hear it. With viewers and consumers having so much control, it has become essential for businesses to reach for new methods that will gently convince their potential customers that they have the best product or service, without invading their time or their privacy. They have learned to avoid spamming and this gets you on the customers’ black list and you may lose a customer for life. Emails from businesses must be opted into before they can be sent on a regular basis, so as not to invade the individual consumers’ time and privacy concerns.




So businesses have turned to content writing and video to get their message across. But what type of video should you do if you are trying to grab your customers’ attention?


There are at least four major types of videos you can choose from.


Video Tutorials– Tutorials do what they say. They tutor the viewer in some subject area, usually very specific in nature. For example, if someone wants to learn how to play the violin, there may be an animated video which illustrates how to hold the instrument, how to tune it and care for it, and how to acquire sound and play specific notes. This type of video takes the viewer through a process step-by-step so that they could usually produce the same effect while watching. They are often recorded using screen capture software so that the viewer can look at the expert’s desktop and learn from what they do. From a business perspective, these could be used to help people understand how a product works or the benefits of a specific service.


Walk-Through Videos: This type of video is much like the tutorial video, but it comes from the perspective of “what’s next?” It takes information it assumes the customer knows and takes it a step further, while encouraging them to act. It gives people a place to start when deciding what to do next in whatever task is at hand and attempts to give them useful information they can use.


Conversion Videos: The sole purpose of this type of video is to get people to buy a product or service. It uses enhancing images or videos, sales language, and persuasive terminology to get people to take action. There is usually a sense of urgency in the message, to illustrate the idea that if they do not act now, tomorrow will be too late.


Explainer videos: These videos are to the visual world what content writing is to the world of words. They take a simple approach and explain how a process, service, or product works in terms anyone can understand. Their psychological approach is simpler and more down-to-earth than the big sales pitch style of a conversion video and less detailed in its approach than the tutorial. Explainer videos tend to get the most hits on You Tube and other formats because people often come looking for information when they click on these clips.


Now that you know four of the main types of videos, which should you choose for your video marketing plan? It depends on what you are trying to get across. But, in general, you should focus on making your message simple and to the point, since the average attention span of a viewer is less than five minutes. So how do you choose which typography is best for you? Start with asking the advice of the experts of explainer type videos. When you are in a dilemma on the types of videos out there, we can “explain.”


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Innovation and Video Marketing

Most online marketers recognize the value of video marketing. That’s why we see more and more serious entrepreneurs using video as part of their online marketing efforts. However, as more people start using this medium, the challenge becomes finding innovative ways to use it.


But before we delve into that, it’s important to understand the two kinds of innovation. Most people view innovation as doing something in a way that they haven’t done before. That’s one kind of innovation, and it serves well on a personal level, but less so at the business level.


Innovation at the business level is doing something in a way that no one has done before. See the difference?


Unfortunately, innovation at the business level is difficult to do. That’s why there are so few Steve Jobs’ and Bill Gates’ in the world. But the good news is, you don’t need to be a Steve Jobs or Bill Gates to be innovative enough in your video marketing. For that, you really only need to be innovative on the personal level. That is, approaching your video marketing efforts in ways that you haven’t done before.


So how do you do that? By asking questions – the right kind of questions. Let me explain…


Most business owners ask questions that really don’t spur innovation. Questions like; “How can we increase market share?” or “How can we increase our advertising response rate?” These kinds of questions are too vague and make it difficult to come up with innovative solutions.


Others ask closed-ended questions like; “Is there anything we can do to increase market share?” These kinds of questions usually only require a yes or no response and still leave you without ideas.


The right kinds of questions force you to think outside-the-box and are the starting point of innovation. Here are some examples:


What are some of the assumptions that our competitors operate under? What if the opposite were true?

What will be the buying criteria of our ideal customer three to five years from now?

What are the buying criteria of the people who have opted not to buy from us?

What are our cast-in-concrete beliefs about what our customers want? What could break that mold?

Who uses our product in ways we never anticipated? How can we use that knowledge to improve our product or create new ones?

What are some of the assumptions that our prospective customers hold about the products we sell?

What if the opposite were true?

What are our cast-in-concrete beliefs about what my prospective customers want?

What could break that mold?


Adapt these questions, and the others that you’ll think of, and ponder them in the context of how you might promote your products or services on video. I promise you, ideas will flow. Who knows? You might even come up with an idea that will make you the Steve Jobs of online video marketing.


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Three Reasons Why You Need Video Marketing

We are bombarded with traditional advertising – on television, on the radio, in magazines and newspapers.  But, in today’s world, much of that marketing effort is lost.  DVRs allow people to skip commercials, Pandora and other on-line radio stations allow customer music playlists, and print ads are recycled without being opened.  What can you do to reach your potential customers?


Video marketing is the answer and there are three reasons why you need video marketing.


#1 – Lower Cost.  Video marketing is typically much lower cost than traditional advertising.  According to a recent article in Harvard Business Review (“How to Profit from Lean Advertising,” June 2013), traditional ad agencies may charge up to $1 million to create media content while networks charge between $14,000 and $45,000 each time an ad spot airs.  Video marketing may cost only 10% of traditional advertising for content creation and for distribution.  Moreover, video production can be high quality even for companies on strict budgets.


#2 – Second Screens.  Because many people now watch television and movies on tablets and smart phones, video marketing can reach consumers that are foregoing traditional television and radio.  Over three-quarters of internet users in the US watch videos and are receptive to alternative marketing techniques.


#3 – Higher Attention Level.  Finally, since internet viewers choose their content specifically, they are more likely to be highly engaged and attentive to the downloaded media.  Nearly half of people who watch a video on-line will visit the company’s website and 22% will make a purchase.


With technology changing rapidly, reaching target customers is becoming more difficult.  Yet, video marketing offers an inexpensive alternative to traditional advertising and has the benefits of being viewed anywhere with engaged users.  Contact us today to learn how we can help you reach more customers with video marketing.


Enhance Real Estate Listings With Video Marketing

For real estate agents, the best way to stand out on the market is to include listing features that appeal to potential buyers. This will generate more traffic to your listings and ultimately reduce your Time on Market (ToM) rate. Detailed descriptions of the property are essential, but it’s a standard industry practice. Here are five reasons why you should enhance your marketing with high quality virtual tours.


Pictures are worth a thousand words


Square footage numbers do not always accurately convey the actual usable space of a property, and it also does not take into account physical layout.  Virtual tours allow potential buyers to better realize the space and layout of a property. Experiencing cathedral ceilings or an open floor plan with the help of a virtual tour is far more effective than simply listing these highly-sought features in the property description.


Emotional Impact


If someone has an emotional reaction to a property, they are more likely to want it. A virtual tour can enhance the positives and maximize the rewards of room staging to help potential buyers visualize themselves in the property.


Saves time and increases exposure


Every realtor knows the pain of taking a client to see a property only to realize within minutes of arriving that there is some critical concern that is a deal breaker. Virtual tours help to eliminate these useless showings by allowing clients to “tour” the property prior to the visit. Not only does this save time, but it also makes it easy to increase the property’s exposure; virtual tours increase foot traffic without ever needing to leave the office.


Sellers expect innovation


 Many sellers expect a progressive approach to marketing since the longer a property is on the market, the less of a profit it is likely to net. Virtual tours can also be shared via social media, email, or marketing websites. The reality is that sellers expect this level of service. If you don’t offer it, they will find someone who will.


If you’re a real estate agent, let MaaS Pros help you realize your next video production or video marketing project. We use the most current emerging technologies to set your listings ahead of the competition. Contact us to find out what MaaS Pros can do for you.


5 Video Marketing Tips to Turn the Beginner Video Maker into a Pro

Video marketing is the process of promoting your business, products or services to a targeted audience through videos. Although this might sound simple enough, there is a little bit of a learning curve to it. Below are some tips to help you master marketing through video effectively.


Making the Video


It is not necessary to spend a fortune to create videos of high quality. In most cases, you do not even need to use professional equipment; as long as you can shoot the video and remain balanced and focused, this will suffice. Confidence is not a pre-requisite of making videos. Simply look into the camera and begin talking. If this really makes you uncomfortable, you do not even have to be in your videos. You can use images or slides from PowerPoint and narrate the video instead.


Include Website Link in Video


When using video marketing for promoting your products and services, it is very important that you add your website link in so your viewers can access the information after. Even better, add your website link directly in your video. This way, when your video goes viral and people are sharing it, the link stays intact in the video.


Include Screenshot of Company Site in Video


Add in a screenshot of your company website in your video too. This will allow your viewers to see how your company site is set up. Screenshots can be used to produce effective tutorial videos. Capture the screenshots and save them on your computer, and then you can upload them to your favorite editing software to turn them into your tutorial video.


Optimize the Video


Optimizing your videos is essential as they help them get ranked in search engines. As you are uploading your videos on various sites, be sure to mix up your titles and descriptions. You will also want to optimize your titles and descriptions with the keywords you want to rank for. Also include your contact information in your videos or descriptions so your viewers will be able to contact you.


Keep Content Fresh


To keep your viewers coming back, keep your content engaging, informative and fresh. If you are producing dull content, your viewers will not want to return to your other videos. Include a call to action or a free incentive with your videos to entice your visitors to click on your website link for more information.


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