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The Biggest Takeaways from Vidsummit 2015

Video marketing is still relatively new, and those who attended this year’s Vidsummit obtained tons of valuable information. Here are a few of the major takeaways: 

Remember that your goal is to monetize. Getting people to click is a matter of knowing what your audience is attracted to, but clicks have little value if they do not result in revenue. Make it easy to turn viewers into buyers by including links within the video and thorough explanations on how to get involved.  

Let go of poor performers. Maybe all your videos are a hit… except for that one that has a bunch of thumb downs and a few mean comments. Get rid of it. It’s probably a channel killer, even if you’ don’t realize it. Quality trumps quantity. 

Go international by translating your main tags, but do not try to please everyone. Do your research and figure out which countries will connect with you, then make yourself accessible to their language. 

Repurpose according to platform. Social Media users can tell when you’re copy+pasting your Tweet to Facebook. Know your platforms, and adjust accordingly. 

Consistency and branding are key. Logos, hashtags, and catch phrases provide cohesion between videos and do wonders to build community. 

YouTubers are influencers. Our list of top ten celebrities is now fifty percent YouTubers. If millennials are your audience, this is how to get to them. 

If you have yet to jump onto the video marketing band wagon, now is the time! Not sure where to start? Contact us to find out more and video marketing and see what we can do for you.