Businesses are hard at work reaching out to everyone using SEO.  While it’s good to aim high it’s also a good idea to have alternatives.  A marketing strategy that isn’t discussed often is aiming for niche markets.  This specific audience is tailored to what your products or services are.  Reaching out to those people who need or rely on those products or services will increase the success rate of turning those audiences into customers.


It’s a great idea.  Businesses can use this to flourish in a flooded pool of competition.  By aiming the company in a different direction businesses have a chance to stand out.  It’s easier for company websites to be found in search engine results.  Consider the following.


Get a thorough understanding of what you’re offering.  Examine the products and/or services, and determine what kind of people would be interested in this.  Figure out the demographic by conducting surveys, taking polls, interacting with customers and asking for feedback.


Make sure the target market is interested in your services.  Alter marketing strategies and test the campaign for effectiveness.


Choose keywords carefully.  This is tricky.  A good keyword has to be common so audiences can type it in search engines, unique enough to stand out from the few competitors in the same niche market and relevant enough to describe your company.   Good examples are “blackjack for iPhone” and “spa products for back problems.”  Use more than one keyword variation.


Use location in keywords to zero in on local audiences.  A location keyword makes targeting your audience easy to manage.  Choose between the state, city or (if it’s international) country.  Examples are “furniture in Miami” or “London home security system.”


Scope out the competition’s website.  Look at what the competition is doing right and do something similar.  Look for what’s wrong and make sure you don’t repeat those mistakes on your website.


Thriving in a niche market is not about being first in line; more than likely someone is aiming for the same niche market you’re after.  It’s about knowing exactly how specific to be and how skilled you or your professional is at SEO.  Beginners should aim smaller (taking what the company is and getting specific) while intermediates and pros can aim for a bigger niche that’s not as specific.  Contact us for more information regarding SEO for niche markets.


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