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When it comes to online marketing, some people decide to go the route of organic traffic, while others may decide they are better at pay-per-click marketing. Since both of them can bring plenty of traffic, you can benefit greatly by focusing on landing page optimization for organic and paid traffic, as opposed to focusing on one aspect and limiting your scope for traffic and success.

Optimize for Search Engines

In order to capitalize on search engine traffic, you must optimize your landing page for search engines. For instance, an unrelated or non-descriptive title is an example of something you want to avoid when creating a landing page for your website. Ideally, you should have your title, headline, and content all focused around important keywords you want to gain traffic from. While you may be tempted to fit in as many keywords as possible, you need to keep your content as natural-sounding as possible.

Have a Successful Advertising Campaign

It is not easy to have an exceptional advertising campaign with pay-per-click marketing. Since you are spending more than just time and effort on your landing pages, you must actually have results. In order for your landing page to be a success, your content must possess the same qualities of content that is optimized for search engines, but it also needs to focus on benefits and have a call to action.

Major success is generally accomplished by testing extensively. Paying for different keywords, trying out different, but related headlines, and having different calls to action are great places to start for testing.

Combine Both for the Greatest Value

While you may be content with doing one or the other, there is no reason not to combine both of them. When you spend enough time on marketing to paid traffic or organic traffic, people should see your work, regardless of where they come from. It is important to find a balance of both demands to succeed. Also, do not be afraid to use a professional to help you with designing a landing page as they generally have more experience with visitor engagement and can implement this knowledge into your design.

Contact us to learn more about landing page optimization, and make sure to check out my eBook.

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