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Video marketing is one of the most effective tools that your business can utilize today. Wholly customizable, it engages a narrowly defined target audience as well as a broader viewership. Besides, videos neatly break up the monotony of an all-text website. Forbes Insights has discovered that a happy side effect of placing engaging video marketing content on your website is the potential of getting you noticed by senior business executives.


Statistics reveal that about 80 percent of senior execs consider online videos a “critical information source.” Business-related websites that feature these videos are a key destination. That said, at least 52 percent of executives view their work-related video content on YouTube weekly. The conversion rate is rather high as well. Sixty-five percent of polled upper level managers report visiting a vendor’s website because of a video’s content.


Why Has Video Consumption Increased by Business’ Upper Echelons?


To hear iStock say it, “video is the new print.” Any business that seeks to portray itself as a thought leader in its niche must keep in step with the times and perhaps be just a bit closer to the cutting edge than the competition. Measuring the consumption of online videos, the group noticed an 800-percent increase over the course of six years.


The vast majority of online video consumers fall into the 18 to 34 years old demographic, which does 90 percent of the viewing. As company’s new upper level management comes from a generation that was reared with the help of electronic media consumption, it stands to reason that this trend will continue.


How Does The Shift Away from Text-only Affect Your Business Today?


The numbers show that websites with video content keep the attention of Internet users. In fact, they spend 88 percent longer on the site than on a text-only website. Unless you want to give your competitors an advantage, you have to add video content to your site now. That said there is more to attracting website visitors and converting viewers into buyers than just adding a few videos. If you are targeting the business community in general and senior executives in particular, your conversion rate heavily depends on three factors:


Brevity of the video – While it is true that your video is done when all the information is included, remember that executives do not have too much time to devote to viewing videos. Keeping the content crisp and concise is a careful balancing act that nevertheless keeps the viewer watching.


High-quality copy – Although videos are increasingly displacing text, the content of your website is still important. If it is outdated, riddled with inaccuracies or plain boring, you will not reap as many benefits of the presentation as a competitor might.


Targeted traffic – This, of course, depends heavily on your email marketing, search engine optimization and also landing page optimization. When you add the social media marketing component to the mix, it is clear that senior executives love video marketing for a good reason: It gives them short and snappy bits of information in an attractive setting.


If all this sounds a bit confusing, do not worry. Our informative ebook explains this – and more! Contact us for additional information on adding videos to your website setup today.


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