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Most anyone in business agrees that automated marketing and CRM (customer relationship management) can significantly improve a company’s bottom line. It allows for the incorporation of a human touch into automation that boosts sales and improves customer satisfaction. But did you know that it also has the power to target the coveted Millennial market?

Understanding the Millennial Market

The age group that was between 20 and 35 years old in 2016 makes up a demographic that is 71 million people strong. As noted by the Pew Research Center, this generation is slated to overtake the Baby Boomer population by 2019. One defining factor in the equation is the influx of immigrants that fall into this demographic. Any company that wants to grow its business must actively market to Millennials. Automated marketing and CRM can play a significant role in this effort.

Top 3 Automated Marketing Techniques that Appeal to Millennials

Marketing to Millennials calls for a multi-tiered effort. This generation thrives on online connectivity. Smartphones, tablets, and – to a lesser extent – computers and televisions provide input opportunities. Social media influencers hold sway and easily overrule television commercials and their messages.

Your automated marketing and CRM efforts must reflect this reality.

1. Offer engagement opportunities across the platforms. Brand loyalty is quickly becoming outdated. The latest flavor widget is what the Millennial consumer is after. However, do not rely on an ad or single-focus social media campaign to get the point across. Instead, create a campaign that leverages multiple social media platforms as well as traditional means of engaging the consumer. Examples include emails and opt-in newsletters.

2. Count on mobile marketing to convert leads. Social media and mobile marketing work together to turn shoppers into buyers. But you have to conduct your advertising campaigns in accordance with this understanding. For example, you might create a number of email messages that target former, current, and new Millennial customers. Next, you connect the email content to targeted social media campaigns. Adding social media icons to your automated emails is a snap.

3. Emphasize shared values. Marketing experts refer to this step as branding. It highlights the values that your business and the consumer share in common. Millennials are an idealistic generation. They will not compromise on quality but may have some price flexibility if a product, its manufacturer, or the retailer shows social responsibility. It is not enough to issue a brand statement. Instead, highlight different facets through a series of automated emails and social media posts.

Online Marketing is a Must to Connect with Generation Y

Online reputation management of your company is another key component for reaching this demographic. Spending even just a few minutes online quickly shows business-specific memes and messages with questionable veracity content. You can get in front of this type of virtual bad press by consistently presenting your brand and underscoring its authenticity. Doing so by hand would be a full-time job even for a small or mid-sized business.

For a larger company, it could quickly take up the workforce of a department. However, because you can largely automate these marketing messages across a multitude of platforms, your staff can engage with the consumer in a more meaningful manner. Cases in point are personal sales calls, presentations, and active customer service.

Getting Started with Effective Marketing Automation Today

Automated marketing and CRM are not just for the big companies. In fact, even start-ups can hit the ground running by building their platforms and allowing them to grow alongside the revenues of the business. MaaS Pros will collaborate with your team to get you started. A quick look at our marketing automation software demo is a good first step. Next, contact us to learn more!

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