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Inbound marketing is rapidly evolving to meet the business demands for better marketing ROI, as well as customer demands for less irrelevant content and a more personalized experience. Advances in technology, along with the shift away from traditional marketing investments such as advertising, trade shows and other one-size-fits-all marketing have provided new options for businesses to provide more personalization, along with the analytical ability to track and then optimize marketing efforts.


Marketing automation is on fire. It is an incredibly powerful, simple to implement and cost-effective resource you can no longer live without. Marketing automation inexpensively increases the number and quality of sales leads, accelerates revenue growth and facilitates your competitive dominance as it is predictable and reproducible.


Nearly all (98%) of small-business software buyers are shopping for automated marketing and CRM options for the first time, according to a report by research firm Software Advice, a division of Gartner that provides marketing advice (http://www.softwareadvice.com/crm/marketing-automation-comparison/. For this survey, small businesses are defined as those with $50 million or less in revenue, and 67% of respondents have revenue of $1 million or less.


The top reasons small businesses are looking for marketing automation software are contact management (74%), email marketing (55%), lead tracking (43%), drip marketing campaigns (39%), and follow-up management (38%).


MaaS Pros has been working with businesses of all sizes and various industries for several years. Over that time, no matter what industry our clients were in, the common denominator was the same amongst all businesses (especially small businesses).


They were spending more time exporting data between different applications and/or having to go back and forth between different applications to manage contacts, create email campaigns, manually input leads from website, (which often got lost or forgotten), spend time manually creating estimates and invoices.


To meet this need, we created TieiT. TieiT is a professional suite of integrated tools focused on managing sales and marketing activities for businesses. The application allows businesses the opportunity to:

Manage all marketing activities and email delivery within one tool

Capture and identify leads

Create automated workflows – execute complex marketing campaigns in hours, not weeks

Streamline operations and save time

Attribution and ROI determination – measure the impact of your marketing on revenue


The primary reason most new businesses fail in the first two years is generally attributed to a lack of marketing savvy. Companies that make it past that initial period must continue to utilize best practice marketing to remain operational. It is time for business owners to up their game. Thanks to new applications small business marketing costs are much more affordable.


That’s our focus. We want to be that tool in your arsenal to help a business go up against the Goliath in their respective industry. And we are very excited about it! If you would like to talk about marketing automation or other ways to grow your business we are always available.


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