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The art and science of landing page optimization dictates that consumers should click through links taking them to relevant secondary pages. Marketers in the know actually create multiple landing pages that support traffic segmentation not only by user type but also by geo-targeting. That said, there is plenty that can go wrong here. When your bounce rate is eclipsing your conversion rate by leaps and bounds, it is time to see if you are committing one of the deadly mistakes.

No Product Picture

Your potential buyers want to see your product. Too many businesses launch directly into a marketing presentation without offering an attractive image of the product. Even if you sell a service, consider the value of presenting a staged image that shows your representative performing the service.


When you sell your home, the first thing a real estate professional tells you is to remove the clutter. When you sell a product online, does it not make sense to do the same thing on your landing page? When you have a variety of images with varying sizes, info-graphics, testimonials and videos cluttering up the page, you detract the would-be buyer from clicking the right links.

Having too much Text

Having too much test on the landing pages of your website is not helpful for your visitors. Keep in mind that the landing page should get the user’s attention and make him/her understand the basic features of your product or service. The rule of less is more applies in this situation. Present the most important aspects of your product/service and provide them a way to read more details if they want.

No Buzzwords

Each product or service has its buzzwords. Yet did you know that these terms are organic and therefore subject to (in) frequent change? Do you want to sell services related to “social media marketing” or “online marketing?” Believe it or not, the number of hits each buzzword receives tells the story of what is currently in.

Questionable Call to Action

Although it is frowned upon to put “buy me” in all caps on your page, there does need to be a very clear call to action. Tell the consumer if you want a buying decision, a newsletter signup or a request for a free trial product. Not only do you have to define your goal for the page and the action that you want the consumer to take, but also present it toward the top of the page. Eye-tracking charts have proven that this is the money spot.

No A/B Testing

You do not know that your landing page works well until you have tested it. No amount of theoretical planning can predict how the consumer reacts.

Lack of Trust

Another reason why you might have low conversion rates is because the potential clients that visit your website do not trust you. In order to resolve this problem make sure you have a well-designed website which is an indication that you are a serious company.

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