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Customer Service is rapidly changing and it’s only going to get…easier? Technology seems to make our lives easier by completing more tasks in an hour than by hand. The IT department is going to have the same evolution. Here is what the future of help desk support looks like for social media, Search engine optimization, website maintenance, email and more.

The availability

So many devices and applications are going to have access to customer service. Tablets, cell phones and other handheld devices will become the default for customer service support. It will work on every make and model of mobile devices with ease. The help desk will operate using apps as well. Many companies currently have apps to download on phones/tablets and cater to mobile devices, but this dependence will become dominant – more so than computers and landline phones.

The technology

Technology allows call center users to operate on your computer from a distance. In the future the help desk is moving to the cloud. The cloud currently involves storing audio, video and documents as backup storage. It is also used for VoIP. However, servers and data hardware remains near company disposal. The cloud is going to eliminate the need for servers and data hardware as it will store and maintain all data in one easy place. It will be easy to retrieve, delete and add data. However, we will continue to rely on printed copy in case the site is down.

The people

Call center representatives are going to thrive in a casual environment. Currently, workers have Bluetooth headset microphone with a computer at their desk. The hands-free microphone connects to a switchboard phone and with computers and landline phones comes wires and hardware. Call center workers are outsourced individuals who may or may not know about computer repair. The future is more of a home environment with hand-held tablets instead of desks and standard computers. Call center workers work with customers on their skill level based on algorithms and smart technology.

The future is looking bright. These changes will reduce wait times and increase response time. For more information on SEO, social media, web content and landing pages contact us.

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