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Social media marketing and advertising is half of what makes a business successful with online consumers.  The other half is communicating with customers.  Communication involves having a casual conversation on social networks, asking for feedback through surveys and writing blogs.  It also means responding to customers’ questions and concerns.  In that case, response time is very important.

How important?  “Forty-two percent of customers expect a 60-minute response time,” says Convince & Convert.  According to Lithium, a software provider, when a customer asks a question, concern or complaint, 72% of Twitter users want an answer back within the hour. Lithium mentions Twitter because it is famous for instant news and knowledge. Edison Research, however, states two-thirds of consumers expect the answer in the same day.  Customers from the same research who use Twitter expect a faster response than Facebook and other outlets.

Facebook, Google+, email, live chats and other social media outlets don’t deserve the shaft because Twitter users expect faster service.  Answer those concerns ASAP.  Customers want their questions answered so they can move on to other issues.  They will remember how long it took to answer it so be prompt.

Answering concerns show customers a human side of companies who care about your opinion.  Those same users will defend you in disagreements and promote you through word of mouth.  Since consumers rely on other consumers for recommendations or referrals, it’s free advertisement.  While it’s nearly impossible to answer every tweet, answering none will conjure a cold-hearted reputation.  Users follow your page because you sound interesting.  Refusal to respond will result in losing followers and spreading negative recommendations about the company.  All businesses on social media need at least one or two people whose job is to engage in social media.  This job will include answering customer concerns in a punctual manner.

Now what’s the point of being fast if the answer is incorrect?  Be prompt and accurate.  Consumers who receive incorrect information are going to spread their displeasure to their social media accounts.  As stated above a social media representative should handle this department.  A well-versed candidate must handle all parts of communication – speaking, listening and responding.

Response time is crucial for companies on social media.  Company reputation is on the line.  For more information about response time, contact us.

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