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The rules of good writing when it comes to the print medium are very different from the rules of good SEO.  In a book or in a magazine, you can get away with paragraph after paragraph of plain text.  In fact, people have usually come to expect this.  If your magazine article, short story or novel is not meaty enough, people will walk away thinking that they didn’t get their money’s worth.  However, when it comes to the internet, no one wants to read paragraph after paragraph of text.  It’s much better when the writing is divided into smaller sections using subheadings, lists, bullet points etc.  There are many advantages of writing in this way:

The viewer can take it in at one glance.  When viewers go to a page on the internet and see that it is divided into sections by using subheadings, bullet points or lists, they can just read the headings of each subdivision and understand what the article or blog post covers.  If they feel like they already know all this information, they won’t bother reading it over again.  But if it’s new, then they will sit down and read what’s included under each subheading.

The viewer can read selectively.  Another advantage of subdividing text is that it will help the viewers to read only what they absolutely need to know.  If some of the subheadings contain information that they’re already familiar with, they don’t need to read it again.  So this provides a high degree of convenience for your audience and will keep them coming back.

The viewer doesn’t waste time.  When viewers are able to take an article in at one glance and/or read selectively, this saves them time.  So they’ll walk away with a good impression of your website, whether it provided the necessary information or not.  They’ll remember that your articles had a high level of organization and this will make them return whenever they are trying to look up something else.

The viewer finds it visually appealing.  Another advantage of writing with subheadings is that it is more visually appealing.  It provides a bit of a change from paragraph after paragraph of text–a style of writing which does not have any visual appeal.  It breaks things up and makes them look manageable.  And people are always attracted to websites which have some visual appeal as well as good information.

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