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When deciding on a website design for your company, you’ve most likely thought about the colors and graphics it would include, the products and services it should highlight, and the features it can provide users, such as comments or online shopping. These important considerations are options that we can routinely provide as part of our service.


What we cannot provide is the most important decision you have to make: who the customer, or audience, is for your Internet marketing tool. All other factors have to stem from this knowledge because the audience ultimately defines the look of your site, its content, and its functions. It must meet the needs of your customers above all or they will not bother to visit.


Ask yourself, who are the customers? What are their genders, ages, income levels, and family situations? What is their educational and technical background? What do they enjoy doing in their spare time? What music, movies, books, and entertainment do they prefer? Do they enjoy using the Internet and computers, or are websites something new to them? How will the product or service that you are offering improve their lives?


For example, suppose the primary audience the pen that you manufacture consists of grandmothers. Your website might use lighter pastel colors to appeal to the feminine and a traditional font in a larger size so aging eyes can more easily read it. The content might talk about using your pen to write letters to relatives, composing entries in diaries, or dashing off quick notes to friends.


If the audience of the same product consists of teenage boys, they’d prefer stronger and darker colors. You can pack more text into your site with a smaller, more modern font. Your pages may dispense with text altogether, favoring animated graphics, videos and audio clips to hold the attention of the audience. Content might focus on using the pen for schoolwork, drawing comic book characters, or gifting to girlfriends.


If you want more information on how to define your audience, or want us to create a total website solution for all your customers, please contact us right away.


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