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It would be simplistic to suggest that search engine marketing is merely a minor player on the stage set by search engine optimization. In fact, it is the engine that drives the machine. Known in the industry as SEM for short, this process calls for the business to allocate funds that pay for a carefully crafted strategy.


Pitfalls of SEM

The majority of SEM campaigns fail because there is either a lack of focus or funds. Since this process includes paid search ads, cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) ads as well as pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, it is possible to set a goal that is simply too ambitious. Another pitfall associated with the process is the neglect of second tier platforms. The latter applies specifically to PPC ads. Although relying on Google AdWords is an excellent start, quite a few consumers are looking to other platforms for their information.

Should You Go It Alone? (Hint: the answer is “no.”)

Working with a marketing services professional sounds like it is a costly undertaking. That said, consider the wisdom of being penny wise and pound foolish. While you may be able to save a few dollars and perhaps even get started yourself on an admirable SEM campaign via Google AdWords, you are soon going to be treading water.

After all, each platform has its own set of rules that come with a learning curve. When you go it alone, you can spend quite a bit of time there. Secondly, remember that SEM is only one part of your promotional campaign. Aside from this discipline, you also need to actively work on your social media marketing and reputation management, search engine optimization of your website and content creation for social media and website usage. If this does not seem like a daunting process, add the need to measure results and adjust the campaigns as needed.

When you are ready to entrust your search engine marketing to the pros who tackle all of these processes – and more! – contact us at MaaS Pros.


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