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CRM software is an effective marketing tool, but it isn’t a panacea for all of your problems. In this blog, we’ll explain the number one mistake businesses make regarding CRM software. It stems from a misuse of the software and a misunderstanding of its purpose in the first place.

What you can use CRM software for 

First, let’s go over the things you can and should use CRM software for. It’s great for certain aspects of business management, tracking your customers, targeting segment of your email list, collecting customer feedback, organizing your customer data in such a way that you can analyze it, tracking your sales, and a few other things.

CRM software isn’t customer support software

Even though CRM software is like a marketing Swiss army knife, it has its limitations. According to this Destination CRM article, companies often try to use the software as a customer support system, even though it was never designed for that purpose:

“Too often, companies look at CRM software as a tool to manage all customer interactions because of the high price tag that is often associated with such a system. Don’t try to fit a square peg into a round hole. A CRM solution works perfectly alongside customer support software. The latter is utilized more for addressing customer concerns and inquiries directly, including through email tickets, live chat, self-service sites, and more.”

CRM software is a complement to a customer support system, not a substitute. If you try to use it for that purpose, you’ll be short of several features that are necessary for the customer experience.

At the end of the day, your customers won’t be satisfied, and you’ll blame the CRM software as a result. The real problem, though, is that you used it for the wrong purpose.

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