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Mobile devices to surf the internet, check emails and chat on social media is the new wave of technology.  While many people have laptops, there’s nothing like having the internet in the palm of your hand.  Many companies understand this and as a result, RWD was born for Mobile marketing– RWD standing for responsive web design.


With mobile devices changing every few years, it’s hard for companies to keep track of the latest innovations.  Responsive web design will do this for you.  It adjusts your website to fit their screen.  From three inches to 17.5 inches there’s no screen responsive web design cannot handle.  What it does is take your website and rearrange the page so the website looks professional and practical on any screen.  Responsive web design adjusts the page using other factors such as landscape/portrait orientation, screen resolution and color capacity.  Companies make a website one time and RWD will handle the rest.


The best websites are ones with columns.  All columns will show up on your laptop, but it will shrink for mobile screens.  You have the screen space to search for information, but you lack the space for mobile devices hence the shrinking.Mobile screens will show the important pieces of information so you don’t have to scroll down to find the good stuff.  The way you allow the columns to shrink is not give specifics to how large or small they need to be.  It goes by proportion which is expressed in percentages, and the percentages represent how much of the screen to use.  When you add, delete or modify the website, the responsive web design will change with you making it easy to manage.


Responsive web design is loved by search engines because it’s easy to dissect and place on mobile and web search engines.  When users click on a website that is responsive the load time is very fast.  No re-directions to another website or a mobile version to get the same experience; RWD will cut out the intermediary and take users directly there.


Responsive web design is something all companies with a website, blog or email marketing strategy need to have at their disposal.  It’s not one size fits all, it’s one size for every device. Contact us for more information.

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