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Because businesses should be writing blogs frequently, it’s easy for them to start repeating themselves. For both readers and SEO, it’s better if businesses mix their blog writing up and branch out to different topics.


The first thing that businesses can do is analyze the types of blogs that they write. Are they educational? Are they written in a casual or formal tone? Do they serve a tangible purpose to readers? How are they related to your business and your industry?


These questions can get the ball rolling for businesses that are having writer’s block. At the end of this brainstorming session, they should have a better idea of what they’re doing too much and what they need to start doing.


There are different types of blogs that are used for different ends. A recent Forbes article describes some of these blogs and explains how they’re useful. A notable style mentioned in the article is the News post, which deals with current events in the industry:


“News posts, whether original or opinionated newsjacking posts, are beneficial because they provide raw, current information to your reader. They are excellent tools to build trust with your audience because they provide factual information, and they present you as a leading authority in your space on the tip of the information curve.”


If you don’t have anything to say about your product, then you might as well comment on the industry. Stay up-to-date with current events and explain their significance to your readers. At the end, take a stance on that position that shows why your brand is unique.


These “News” posts show that your business is passionate about the industry you’re in. They’re also great for SEO because they deal with current topics and reference reliable sources. “News” posts should be a part of every business’ blogging strategy and they’re particularly useful for dry periods.


If you would like more information about blogging, check out our ebook. Or, if you’d like to discuss the role of “News” posts further, contact us


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