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Many marketers focus solely on open rates when evaluating their email marketing campaign. Open rates are clearly an important indicator which shows how many subscribers are opening the emails you send. In general, the higher the open rate, the better the marketing emails are.

But open rates aren’t the only metric that businesses should be looking at. There is a lot of other data associated with email marketing that provides insight as to where emails are effective and where they’re ineffective.

One of those metrics is the click rate. Click rates are similar to open rates in that they measure how much your emails are being read. But instead of counting how many emails were opened from the total amount sent, it counts how many clicks the emails generated.

A recent Business 2 Community article explains the significance of click rates. According to the article, high click rates mean that the marketing emails were well-designed and had good content.

“The click rate of an email is calculated by dividing the number of unique clicks in the email by the number of total recipients. This number is then expressed as a percentage. You can also compute the ratio of your clicks to the number of links in the email or to the size of your list. High CTRs are a result of great email design optimization, relevant content, exciting offers/deals or a combination of all of these.”

Similar to open rates, click rates signal the overall success of your email marketing campaign. Marketers should keep an eye on sharp increases or decreases in their click rates and adjust their marketing emails accordingly.

Of course, email marketers also shouldn’t make the mistake of only looking at click rates. While it’s a useful indicator, businesses should really be looking at dozens of statistics and metrics that detail the success of their email marketing program.

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