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We are bombarded with traditional advertising – on television, on the radio, in magazines and newspapers.  But, in today’s world, much of that marketing effort is lost.  DVRs allow people to skip commercials, Pandora and other on-line radio stations allow customer music playlists, and print ads are recycled without being opened.  What can you do to reach your potential customers?


Video marketing is the answer and there are three reasons why you need video marketing.


#1 – Lower Cost.  Video marketing is typically much lower cost than traditional advertising.  According to a recent article in Harvard Business Review (“How to Profit from Lean Advertising,” June 2013), traditional ad agencies may charge up to $1 million to create media content while networks charge between $14,000 and $45,000 each time an ad spot airs.  Video marketing may cost only 10% of traditional advertising for content creation and for distribution.  Moreover, video production can be high quality even for companies on strict budgets.


#2 – Second Screens.  Because many people now watch television and movies on tablets and smart phones, video marketing can reach consumers that are foregoing traditional television and radio.  Over three-quarters of internet users in the US watch videos and are receptive to alternative marketing techniques.


#3 – Higher Attention Level.  Finally, since internet viewers choose their content specifically, they are more likely to be highly engaged and attentive to the downloaded media.  Nearly half of people who watch a video on-line will visit the company’s website and 22% will make a purchase.


With technology changing rapidly, reaching target customers is becoming more difficult.  Yet, video marketing offers an inexpensive alternative to traditional advertising and has the benefits of being viewed anywhere with engaged users.  Contact us today to learn how we can help you reach more customers with video marketing.


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