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You may be tempted to ignore digital marketing, but doing so may be dangerous. We’ve got three reasons burying your head in the sand would be a bad idea.

Your target market is online

Nowadays it doesn’t really matter what industry you’re in – your target market is almost certainly online. Everyone from Millennials to Baby Boomers are on social media and have email accounts. This wasn’t the case earlier, but digital marketing now applies to just about every consumer. If you ignore digital marketing, you’re missing out on a chance to reach out to a huge audience.

Digital marketing will become more popular

On top of this, digital marketing will only become more popular. As marketers perfect their strategies, digital marketing will be more effective. Many companies are already transitioning from traditional marketing to digital marketing and they will continue to do so. Ignore digital marketing may seem like a bad decision today, but it will seem even worse five years from now.

Monetizing is becoming more realistic

One of the biggest complaints with Twitter and Facebook marketing used to be that the sites didn’t have positive ROIs. Sure, you could increase your brand visibility and attract new customers, but there was no way to monetize that potential.

There are currently two developments that will completely change this dynamic. The first of which is Facebook’s new “Buy” button. Facebook is working on a feature that will let users purchase a product while still on the social media site. Companies will be able to directly sell products on social media.

The other development is Twitter’s new hashtag feature. With Amazon Cart, users will be able to add hashtags to their online cart. Later, they can review their cart on Amazon and buy the products that they added. This feature will work very similarly to Facebook’s “Buy” button.

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