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As long as you have an Internet connection, blogging is a no-cost and efficient way to market your company. You can post entries as a guest writer on other company’s sites to obtain new customers. And you can include messages on your own pages to keep your current audience interested in your goods and services. The following tips will help you use blogging as an effective marketing tool.


Start by posting regularly. Nothing is worse for your audience than to have to keep checking back on your website only to find no updates. Give them a good reason to return regularly by posting at least once a week, if not more often. Two to three posts weekly is ideal.


If you keep your entries to between 250 to 300 words long, they should take no more than an hour to write, and will be quick and easy to read. Avoid using one large block of text. Break your writing up into short paragraphs made up of about three to five sentences each. Include subtitles and lists to make your information easy to scan.


Make sure your content concentrates on your customers and their needs. It may have been fine for you to post pictures of your parties on your Facebook page but such unprofessional entries have no place in your business site. Think about what problems your typical customers face and how your blog posts can help them with those problems. If your solutions involve your company’s goods and services, so much the better.


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