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Mobile internet is growing, and companies must consider turning their website mobile or creating an app to reach out to those potential customers.  At the same time companies must grow with demand.  They must update, change, maintain and rearrange their site as needed.  Companies must get better with their Mobile marketing strategies, and here are some ideas they can do to tweak and grow their brand.


Connection speeds:  Mobile devices are not the same as a computer so they shouldn’t use the same speed.  Mobile devices use smaller screens so companies need to optimize for this.  The connection speed on mobile devices is slow because of heavy loading pages and the websites not being made for mobile devices.  With mobile devices less is more and the less on mobile devices the faster it will become.


Mobile landing page:  A good marketing tactic is a mobile landing page.  The landing page will inform mobile customers on what is going on and how to respond to the change.  It’s simple, lightweight and straightforward while creating amazing results.


SMS:  Text messaging, or SMS, is a large part of communication on mobile devices.  Using that tactic to help spread the word about the company is a great idea.  Short messaging service can be used to interact with customers on a personal or community basis.  It can also be used to ask for instant feedback and to send coupons/discounts/deals/sales to their phone.


Analytics:  Since so many customers communicate with the company through mobile devices it’s important to know how much influence it has.  Using analytics from Google and other companies will give you general or specific details about the customer.  The page looked at, how long the customer looked at it, the popular pages on the site, and where the customer is coming from is just a few of a long list of details analytics can give companies to make their mobile pages better.


Simplicity:  Companies are too focused on beauty and appearance on websites that we try to emulate this on mobile devices.  Adding beauty and appearance on mobile websites and applications makes it slow to load.  Mobile sites aren’t about beauty; it’s about simplicity.  Less is more, and too much clutter makes it confusing and harder to navigate.


Mobile devices are the future of technology.  So many people own cell phones, and the majority of those cell phone owners own a smartphone, iPhone or tablet.  Tailoring to that crowd means more traffic and more sales.  It’s seamless, successful and relevant to the consumer.  Companies must respond to the increase in mobile consumers or they will fall behind. Contact us for more information.


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