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Marketing is a necessary part of your business because it announces your products and services to your community, and brings customers in. But before you start thinking about what text to put in your email or the images to display on your website, there’s one question you must ask yourself.


Who are your customers?


They can’t be everybody because then you’re competing with every business around you. So narrow your target audience down as much as you can. Are they male or female? What are their ages, jobs, incomes, and relationships? What do they like to do in their spare time: play basketball, watch movies, or crochet? What do they need most in their lives? How does what you make satisfy that need?


There is no right or wrong answers. The more you know your customers, then the more you can tailor your marketing and your products to what they want.


For example, if you’ve decided that your customers are active teen boys, you might put your entire marketing effort online. Your website could feature pop culture references, sports news, games, animations, and social links. You’ll need a Facebook page and Twitter feed to reach our audience. Your content can include skateboards, sports logos, and silhouettes of attractive girls.


On the other hand, if you’re targeting grandmothers, your marketing might dispense with all the flash and animations. Instead, you could rely on colorful pictures and emails that describe how your products make perfect gifts for the family or grandkids. Your products might show flowers, antiques, or traditional scenes.


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