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It is easy for the small business entrepreneur to get lured away from the tried and true email marketing campaign in favor of the glitzy world of social media interaction. They see the big companies put up their intricate Facebook pages and Instagram pictures. Some entrepreneurs figure that it is social media where the profitable business-customer relationship is truly forged. Of course, these entrepreneurs are selling themselves short. After all, even Amazon does email marketing.


Get Website Visitors


An email marketing campaign brings visitors to your website. They clicked on the ad for the green widget, which is competitively priced and fits in with the customer’s current widget setup. Even if the customer only bookmarks the website or abandons a shopping cart, you now have a consumer who has heard about your business, has shown an interest and might want to interact on social media.


Go for the Up-sell


While on your website, the customer notices the purple and red widgets, which beautifully accessorize the green widget. If a sale is made, you come out ahead by two products. If a sale is not made, you still have a consumer who browsed your products and may make the buying decision at a future time.


Collect Metrics to Use with Ad Campaigns


You send out your marketing emails, get click-throughs to your website and now have measurable data of consumer behavior. If your email mentioned 10 widgets but only two generated interest, you know that you either have to rethink your product lineup or focus more heavily on the two popular items. This can now be the fodder for a targeted marketing campaign via social media and additional emails.


Target the Decision Makers


Forbes did an interesting piece on the importance of email marketing. Referring to moms as the “most powerful brand ambassadors in the world,” the publication highlighted that 91 percent of moms use their Smartphones for emailing and checking emails. So, when you want to reach the influential decision maker in the family, connecting with mom via email is the way to go.


Brand your Business


The sign that you hang outside of your shop brands your business. The same is true for the vehicle graphics that you have ordered and the banner that is mounted above your store’s doorframe. Yet did you know that company-branded email not only fosters brand recognition and encourages customer loyalty, but it also serves to “nurture leads with targeted messages.”


Contact us for more information on the amazing power that email marketing offers to the small business owner and, really, companies of any size.

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