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Digital Information World did some number crunching and found that during one minute of users interacting on Facebook, some 323 days of YouTube videos are being viewed. Add to this that there are about 50,000 links shared during this Facebook minute, and it makes sense that video marketing can mean big business for your company. Yet are you doing it right? We have found six common mistakes that many entrepreneurs and businesses make.


  1. Faulty Brand Placement


Your video has everything: music, compelling content and a witty punch line. Unfortunately, shoppers have no idea what you were advertising when they are done watching the video. If you do not have your advertised product, logo and similar branding material in every shot, you are missing out.


  1. Slow Beginning


It is okay to define the content in the first few seconds of your video. However, if the content does not grab the audience’s attention within the first 10 seconds, folks likely pass on your presentation. Marketing videos should be relatively short anyways. Do not waste time with lengthy introductions.


  1. Overly Promotional


Believe it or not, people don’t visit websites to watch ads; they get to see enough of those on TV. While it’s important that a video effectively promotes a product or service, it’s just as important that it’s not overdone. No-one likes a salesperson who gives the hard-sell, so why would anyone want to watch an online video applying the same techniques?

If you’ve ever seen any of those annoying ads on shopping channels, you’ll know what I’m talking about. So focus on entertaining the viewer and/or educating them, rather than forcing your product or service down their throats. Treat your viewers as intelligent individuals and show that you care.


  1. Inexpert Niche Targeting


Unlike a print ad or your website, a video should target a narrowly defined demographic. Although it is tempting to be all things to all people, in video marketing this approach is not a good concept for a brief piece. Gear your video’s content and voice toward the shoppers who are most likely to buy your products.


  1. Only Uploading to YouTube


YouTube is the most popular video sharing site in the world but a lot of people forget there are plenty of others too. If you don’t upload your video to other video sharing sites, you’re very likely restricting the reach of your video significantly.

Upload your video to any other video sharing sites with a large audience including Vimeo and Dailymotion.


  1. Presenting a Video with a Homemade Feel


When watching late-night cable TV, you can always point out the commercials that the businesses did themselves. The storyline is frequently cheesy, the lighting is off and the message is so-so. In contrast, you can tell the professionally done ones simply by the ease with which all the elements of a successful commercial integrate. The same is true for website video marketing.

When you want the professional quality, you need to hire industry leaders. Contact us today to learn more about our marketing services for large and small businesses.



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