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Email campaigns are supposed to drive sales.  When it has the opposite effect it’s time to troubleshoot the Email marketing campaign.  Analyze the marketing efforts and determine what is wrong and make it right.


Is the company targeting the right people?  Is the chosen tactic effective?  Think about this and more as the email campaign is analyzed.  Figuring out what’s wrong means testing everything.  The A/B test is the test to use for accurate results.  Test every strategy used.  Test it in different ways.  See what isn’t working and what is.  The answer may surprise you.  The marketing strategy is usually the blame.  It may be the message.  Sometimes the cause is the way the email is presented.  You can also perform the following:


Focus more on quality, unique and relevant content and less on optimizing it for search engines.  Good content reaches the top of search engines not SEO-stuffed emails.


One-size doesn’t fit all; tailor each email to the customer.  Make them feel special by offering information based on what they searched, interested in or past purchases.  Engage with the audience by sharing information and encouraging some feedback.  Never make emails about company sales and never use old email messages or campaigns and pass them off as new.


Give them time to make a decision about upcoming events.  Make sure the date of the event is enough time for them to make a decision, save it and/or invite their friends.


Look at the logo and images used in the email.  Does it take too long to load?  Take out the slow to load images and add a lighter file or eliminate the slow-loading ones altogether.


Make sure everyone wants to be in the mailing list.  Don’t add them just because they purchased an item or looked for information.  To them it’s spam not marketing.  Adding them without their permission will increase the chances of unsubscribed emails, unopened emails, blocked email addresses and deleted emails.


Email campaigns aren’t magic, yet it produces amazing results.  Tweak the methods that aren’t working and make them work.  Contact us for more information on email marketing.

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