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Customer relationship management (CRM) is an art as much as a science. Automated marketing tasks allow for the computerization of chores that would otherwise take a good chunk out of your day.

But what happens when you put both of them together? The combination of automated marketing and CRM allows you to reach current and prospective customers by building business relationships, providing meaningful company-to-client interactions, and offering value-added benefits.

The trick here is the business-specific application of the tools you need to reach out to your targeted demographic.

Website traffic. Increase the traffic to your site, particularly local traffic, to generate more leads. Leads, in turn, convert into sales. If needed, the use of an optimized landing page can make the right difference.

Personalized campaigns. Leverage the value of personalization by addressing members of your targeted audience. While you may run campaigns on your website, via email, or by using your social media channels, the automation keeps them consistent.

Your sales team will do better at tracking prospects. With CRM, your sales team will be effective at attracting prospects, closing sales, generating qualified referrals and managing existing customer relationships. Your business will grow in revenue by utilizing a CRM application that helps you track sales activity, lead generation and customer status – capitalizing on the data management power CRM delivers.

Pinpoint niche opportunities. Consumer responses to your various campaigns help you to determine which value-added services any subsets of your targeted demographics would find of interest. A marketing analysis can determine whether it is feasible to offer these products or services, which may help your business to expand territories.

Cultivate brand awareness. Before your sales pros even get involved with prospective customers, the marketing and CRM mix succeeds in creating an audience that will prove more receptive to your messages. They know your name, logo, and brand message as well as the products or services you stand for.

You will enjoy social CRM and so will your clients. Social CRM is the integration of social media with CRM strategies and applications. Social media delivers tremendously for competitive businesses today of all sizes and in all markets. Social media promotes engagement with existing and potential customers. Today, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are highly utilized social platforms for communicating with customers and attracting new business opportunities. By embracing a CRM software solution that enhances marketing with social CRM tools, you can engage customers throughout every stage of the buying journey.

When you are ready to turbo-charge you automated marketing and CRM efforts, we can help. Contact our experts today to learn more!

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