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The purpose of landing pages is to grab attention toward your product or service and hold it long enough for the visitor to take action.  You did everything you’re supposed to do in a landing page–a clean interface, an attractive headline, an eye-catching image, what the offer is, and a call to action.  When it comes to Landing page optimization the traffic views and responses doesn’t match up.  To enhance your Inbound Marketing efforts, your landing page needs a tweaking for an effective and successful campaign.  The best landing pages have something in common:  these tips.


Have meaning behind the page.  What is the purpose of the landing page for your company?  Why is it being created in the first place?  Your answer should say a free trial, a guide, an evaluation, a subscription or a demonstration.  No one is going to sign up for something meaningless.


Make sure it loads quickly.  No one is going to wait a minute for your page to load.  Heavy photos, big video files or flash animation will slow down your page.  Make it lighter by compressing the file or removing it altogether.


Keep the message short and sweet.  Your landing page is saying too much in a limited amount of space.  While it’s good to explain details the average visitor is turned off by constant wording and not getting to the point.  Make sure the words match the image on the page.  Make sure the image on the page is relevant to the company.


Tweak the call to action box.  The call to action box should be short and sweet too.  Ask for the exact amount of information to complete the offer.  It cannot be long enough that it turns off customers or make them feel like they’re selling their soul for your product or service.  Instead of the generic ‘submit’ button, tie the submit button to the overall offer.  Say things like “I want my free offer,” “download now,” or “join my mailing list.”


Remove distractions.  The goal of a landing page is to keep them on one page.  This page should stand alone so visitors don’t turn away from it.  Distractions like navigation bars, sitemaps scroll bars, other calls to action, iframes (scroll bars inside of a box filled with text), and additional links will lure potential customers away from the page, and they won’t come back.  Remove all distractions so all eyes are on the landing page and the call to action.


Give to get.  If you want something from potential customers, give them something in return.  Who doesn’t like the word free?  Give them something similar to a free e-book or a coupon code in exchange for their information.


Landing pages and homepages are separate.  Don’t mix the two.  Homepages are the main overview of the website and the gateway to external links in your website.  Landing pages are advertising pages that lead to your homepage.  Killing two birds with one stone by merging is actually destroying both pages at once.


With these tips your landing page will become a more effective Inbound Marketing tool.  Contact us for more landing page information.

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