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A domain name can do more for you than provide an identity to your company.  It can be a way to improve SEO.  There are so many strategies out there that make it possible for websites to be seen by millions on search engines.  There’s no reason why companies can’t try one more method.  Use the domain to bring more users to your website.


All domains must be memorable and catchy.  Being memorable and catchy means the name is short and easy to remember.  It must be unique enough that no one else has it but specific enough to describe the company.  Use the name of the location to reach a niche market.  Examples are “TexasJewerly” and “SeattleFurniture.” Finally the name must relate to the company.  Come up with ideas pertaining to what the company represents.  Describe the company in a positive light.  Examples to use are “DogInjuryLawyers” and “BrilliantDiamonds.”  These keywords are there to boost SEO and promote your website at the same time.  Take out hyphens, underscores and other symbols as this makes it harder for anyone to remember and type in.  Have more than one idea just in case one is already taken.  The name cannot sound or be similar to a competitor or a company that will give you a bad name (porn, gambling, etc).


When you do score one don’t purchase only one.  Protect the brand by buying the same domain in different extensions.  Have one as the main site, one representing the country of origin and niche sites for certain things such as .org for organization, .me for blogs and .tv for video websites.  If you can let the main website be .com; if not try .net.  Go a step further and purchase mistake domain name extensions.  These are domain names similar to yours but are often misspelled.  Think about possible misspellings.  Someone else can capitalize on that and use it to ruin your reputation.  It’s not worth it to be cheap when someone else is smearing your name.  Buy all domains at once at a bundle price instead of separately to save money.


It is so important for companies to fight for that coveted first page.  Over ninety percent of users don’t look past it.  Being on the first page is the best chance of getting clicks, eyes on and sales for your website and the company.  For more information on domain names and SEO contact us.


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