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With so much competition out there companies need to find the best ways to stand out.  Email marketing can connect with potential clients about your products or services.  Sending an email can generate a profit for your business while email readers can spread the word about your business to everyone on their mailing list.  A good marketing campaign isn’t just about aiming at a target audience; it’s more than that.


On the subject line of the email, get to the point.  Come up with a few words that summarize the entire email.  Readers are more likely to open it.  The body of the email should explain what your company can do for the customer and how they will benefit from it.  Email users need something to grab their attention and telling them what you can do for them will keep them interested in your email.  Tell them about the latest deals (because everyone likes a deal), new items in stock, the latest services and specials that will expire soon.  Inform about guarantees, warranties and return policies.  Give them a strong call to action telling them to visit the site often for the latest services and/or products in stock.  End the email with a newsletter, news or a ‘temptation.’


Tempt them with contests and coupons.  A contest engages readers.  Direct them to a part of your website, and you’ll have readers browsing the site in addition to applying for the contest.  Coupons are a way to save on purchases, and it’s a surefire way to get readers to spend.  It can be printable for store use or a coupon code for online use.  Send people another coupon after their purchase to encourage them to come back and save more money.


Be honest in email marketing.  Let them know exactly what will happen when they subscribe.  No one likes to be deceived, and not telling them the truth will create un-subscriptions.  Be honest by removing scam or spam words from your campaign.  Promise words like “free” and “make millions” are words no company can live up to.  It’s too good to be true, and too good to be true words end up in spam folders.  Prove you’re an honest company by writing honest copy with honest expectations.


Don’t send emails to anyone that doesn’t want them.  Once they un-subscribe, leave them alone.


Proofread before sending off emails.  Mistakes show how unprofessional a company is and can hurt company image.


A successful email marketing campaign is done once a week.  Don’t send them emails every day or every other day about your product and/or services.  Readers know what you have to offer; drowning them in emails turns readers off the company altogether.


If you are reading this article perhaps you are thinking about email campaigns.  MaaS Pros can assist with your email campaign.  We will do the heavy lifting while you get all the credit.  For more information on email marketing or other marketing strategies to help your business, contact us.


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