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Adding an appropriate image for a blog post is a simple yet effective way to enhance your content development. Without an image or two, content looks dull which is enough of a reason for many people to ignore your blog post.


The problem with images is that finding a usable one can sometimes take longer than writing the blog post itself. Because a successful blog requires that you post a lot of content, hiring a professional photographer for the images is too expensive. Most images found on the Internet are copyrighted and the images found on stock photography websites have a generic look to them, especially the images of people.


However, there is a source of images which are varied in subject matter that are free to use even on commercial websites. Rarely will you find a generic looking photo and many photos are high quality. This source of images is Flickr which belongs to Yahoo.


The only catch is that you must give credit for the image. This is done with a simple nondescript link back to the person who posted the image on Flickr. The link should be located underneath the image and would use words such as “Image Credit: John Doe.” This will in no way distract your reader because the eye is conditioned to ignore these types of credit links.


Flickr is a site where people from all over the world share their images. It will be up to you to find professional quality images but you will find them in abundance. Not all images allow commercial use. There are different usage licenses described here.


Locating images that allow commercial use is as simple as entering a word into the image search field and clicking the search button. On the search results page, you will see a pull down menu near the top where you can select the license type. Select the “commercial use allowed” option and the search result will only show images of that type of license. Alternatively, you can click the advanced search link near the top right of the page and then tick the “find content to use commercially” box.


Clicking on an image in the search results page will bring up the full sized image. Just below the image to the right, you will see the license link. Click on the link to learn more about the usage license of the image. Just below and to the far right of the image is an icon that is the image download link.


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