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Many of the same things that make video an effective online medium also make it effective when used on landing pages. These include the fact that video is closer to the way people experience the world. Video that features a person makes your message more personable and increases the trust factor. Video is also the best medium for story telling which has been proven to be a very effective conversion technique. In addition, people prefer video because it is easier to consume than reading text.


Four video landing page optimization tips are considered next.


Have a Single Clear Purpose for Your Video


That purpose is the call to action. Your video should focus on getting the visitor to do one and only one thing. A video that has multiple purposes dilutes its power and causes confusion.


Use Emotional and Engaging Story Telling


Use a story line that your audience will relate to. They will easily follow and relate to stories that reflect their own experiences. Using emotion in your videos is also effective. Emotion is the primary driving force behind the actions that people take. For example, if you are promoting a product that helps people to become more successful, the video might project the joy of success.


Use a Script


Many people incorrectly feel that speaking as you would in a conversation, improves the effectiveness of the video. However, the reality is that normal conversation is full of “umm’s” and “aah’s.” Normal conversation tends to stray on tangents. Often, unimportant points are belabored. A script allows you to give your message more thoughtful planning and it will make your video flow more smoothly.


The Video Should Dominate the Page


Make your video the first object that’s seen on the page. Place it above the fold and on the main real estate of the page. That means it shouldn’t be in a side bar or compete with other videos. Never place other attention grabbing elements such as large images next to the video. Design the landing page so that the video is showcased.


Video landing pages are effective only when they are carefully planned and constructed. Both the video and the page that supports it must be given equal attention on your part. A great video that’s overwhelmed by the page it is on, is as ineffective as a weak video that dominates the page.


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