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In 2014, content marketing soared to new heights. Most businesses that participated started posting written blogs and videos once a week. To give their content more exposure, they also posted it all over social media. Since this also improved their SEO, everybody was happy.

We expect more of the same this year but with an added focus on video marketing. Marketing efforts tend to become more visual over time, and we fully expect businesses to incorporate this element in their content marketing strategies.

And we don’t just expect to see more videos, either. There are several visual options marketers have at their disposal. Businesses are already starting to convert their blogs to infographs to cater to more visual learners.

If you can manage to make those infographs informative, then that’s even better. According to a recent Search Engine Journal article, they’re going to become a lot more popular in the New Year:

“In 2015, content will become more visual and interactive. Infographics, for example, are both informative and beautifully designed. Images that captivate the audience and share relevant information will continue to gain traction in content marketing next year.”

Other visual options you can choose from include pictures and GIFs. These are simpler but they can have the same effect on consumers.

If you had success with content marketing in 2014, then you already know that the tide started turning. We don’t necessarily expect to see a drop in the number of blogs or articles businesses write, but the proportion of written content to visual content will decrease dramatically.

Rather than turning away from content marketing, businesses are doubling-down by investing in other types of content. Specifically, they’re starting to create more videos and infographs that appeal to visual learners.

To talk more about video marketing, or anything else, please contact us. Thanks.

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