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January 12, 2016 Author:

Video marketing is becoming ever more important as consumers become increasingly comfortable with visual content as opposed to text-based content. When people think web videos, YouTube comes to mind. But YouTube doesn’t have to be the primary home for your videos. In fact, when it comes to brands, YouTube is no longer the number one resource for uploading videos.

According to Facebook’s most recent quarterly report, businesses/brands are now uploading more videos to Facebook than to YouTube. Facebook now has about 8 billion video views per day and 500 million people watching those videos every day.

So why are brands choosing to upload directly to Facebook instead of YouTube?

Facebook favors natively uploaded videos

Because of the way Facebook’s algorithm works, your natively uploaded content will get up to 52 times more views than if you share it as a YouTube link. Uploading directly to Facebook also allows the auto-play feature to kick in, so people are much more likely to see your video.

If you are a growing brand without much extra money for advertising, don’t feel as if you need a professional to get your videos out there. Just follow a few simple guidelines:

  • 22 seconds is the magic number when it comes to completion rates, so keep it short!
  • Use a plain backdrop.
  • Get a stand to hold your smartphone; a wobbly image is a major turn-off for viewers.
  • Record horizontally.

Pin Your Videos

Facebook allows you to pin your video content at the top of your business page to keep it from being pushed down as you publish new content. By pinning videos to the top of your page, you can ensure this will be the first post visitors see.

Target Video Content

Facebook is one of the best ways your business can speak directly to those who know and like your products or services. Create video content that is tailored to fit your dedicated fanbase and give them something to look forward to and respond to, rather than video content that is meant for a general audience.

Focus on Entertaining

Facebook is not a place for deep decision-making, so focusing on informative yet entertaining content will be best received.

More Video is Better

Your Facebook audience is much more inclined to watch video content than read text. It is important to post high-quality content, but don’t let focusing too much on this or spending too much time on one video get in the way of pushing out more, new content.

Communicate a Message

Avoid bothering your Facebook fans to share or follow your brand; this will become annoying very quickly. Instead focus on another message you can relay to your audience. For example, have them check out your company blog for more details on an event or promotion, or propose a question at the end of your video to encourage fans to interact right then within your post.

Be Consistent

If your goal is to release new video content continuously but not sure what is too much or not enough, try posting video content every other week, then polling your Facebook fans to see if they want to see more or less original content from your brand. This is a good way to determine the consistency of video content that works best for your audience.

Facebookers love sharing video more than any other type of content, so if you want to spread the word about your brand, this is how you do it. Remember, the goal of your video content should be to get viewers to your Facebook business page and want to find out more information.

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