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Video marketing is to visual media as content writing is to the textual world. You need good video messages to appeal to your target audience. But there are many types of videos. Which type is best for your business? Here is a look at some of the different types of videos and how they can work for you.




The world of content writing has taught us that explaining things to someone in an organized fashion goes a long way toward conversions, and sales no longer has to be an “in your face” hard core approach. People tend to respond more to useful information and advice rather than a hard-nosed sales approach. This type of approach reminds us all of the shady used car salesman trying to pass off a car that’s falling apart for a small fortune.




Gone are the days when you had to use aggressive sales techniques. People have grown tired of this approach. They are looking for something new. Now, with the advent of internet and digital technology, businesses have come to realize that people can simply “turn off” the message easily with one click if they don’t want to hear it. With viewers and consumers having so much control, it has become essential for businesses to reach for new methods that will gently convince their potential customers that they have the best product or service, without invading their time or their privacy. They have learned to avoid spamming and this gets you on the customers’ black list and you may lose a customer for life. Emails from businesses must be opted into before they can be sent on a regular basis, so as not to invade the individual consumers’ time and privacy concerns.




So businesses have turned to content writing and video to get their message across. But what type of video should you do if you are trying to grab your customers’ attention?


There are at least four major types of videos you can choose from.


Video Tutorials– Tutorials do what they say. They tutor the viewer in some subject area, usually very specific in nature. For example, if someone wants to learn how to play the violin, there may be an animated video which illustrates how to hold the instrument, how to tune it and care for it, and how to acquire sound and play specific notes. This type of video takes the viewer through a process step-by-step so that they could usually produce the same effect while watching. They are often recorded using screen capture software so that the viewer can look at the expert’s desktop and learn from what they do. From a business perspective, these could be used to help people understand how a product works or the benefits of a specific service.


Walk-Through Videos: This type of video is much like the tutorial video, but it comes from the perspective of “what’s next?” It takes information it assumes the customer knows and takes it a step further, while encouraging them to act. It gives people a place to start when deciding what to do next in whatever task is at hand and attempts to give them useful information they can use.


Conversion Videos: The sole purpose of this type of video is to get people to buy a product or service. It uses enhancing images or videos, sales language, and persuasive terminology to get people to take action. There is usually a sense of urgency in the message, to illustrate the idea that if they do not act now, tomorrow will be too late.


Explainer videos: These videos are to the visual world what content writing is to the world of words. They take a simple approach and explain how a process, service, or product works in terms anyone can understand. Their psychological approach is simpler and more down-to-earth than the big sales pitch style of a conversion video and less detailed in its approach than the tutorial. Explainer videos tend to get the most hits on You Tube and other formats because people often come looking for information when they click on these clips.


Now that you know four of the main types of videos, which should you choose for your video marketing plan? It depends on what you are trying to get across. But, in general, you should focus on making your message simple and to the point, since the average attention span of a viewer is less than five minutes. So how do you choose which typography is best for you? Start with asking the advice of the experts of explainer type videos. When you are in a dilemma on the types of videos out there, we can “explain.”


To find out more about how we can help, contact us. And download our free ebook here.


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