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At the heart of any social media marketing campaign worth its salt is the creation of content that has a broad appeal and invites sharing as well as online engagement. Although amusing memes can propel even a small furniture company into the limelight for a while, nothing captures the eye, the imagination and the propensity for clicking the “share” button like a video.

Why Businesses Shy Away from Video Marketing

In a word: money. Entrepreneurs frequently envision big-budget settings with scripts, props, and expensive equipment. Many understand that going it alone, without the expertise in video production, leads to the type of commercial output that you see on cable television in the middle of the night. The sound is off; the colors are too dark, and the acting looks forced. We are here to tell you that you have it all wrong.

Making Videos an Integral Part of Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

The Visual Teaching Alliance proves that getting to the consumer is best done through the eyes. Sixty-five percent are visual learners, but only ten percent learn through the auditory process. What you say is therefore not as important as what you present. Skilled video marketing experts know how to create brief, 30-second videos that quickly appeal. The brevity of these messages makes them ideal for sharing on social media.

Keep the Core Message Short and Concise

Keep the video to 30-60 seconds. Let’s face it, pretty much everyone in your target audience has a very short attention span these days. If you want a message or offer to be heard by a target audience it had better be delivered quickly. The statistics we pull from our video analytics reporting show video viewership drops off consistently and dramatically after 60 seconds. A beautifully designed and produced online video that’s more than a minute long will most likely not been seen in its entirety by the target audience.

Measure the Results

Like most all online marketing initiatives the analytics gathered from online video viewership can be of tremendous strategic value to marketers and business owners. Being able to measure important metrics such as video views, time viewed, traffic sources in aggregate or for individual videos helps marketers understand when a video is effectively reaching its target audience (and when it’s not). Marketers are always under pressure to show results. Detailed analytics about online videos helps marketers and determine which content, offers and locations are most effective for their video marketing initiatives.

Capitalizing on Your Brand Display

Your social media presence should be a good mix of interactions and posted videos. Backlinks should lead to landing pages. Tie in your website’s development with content-rich blogs. Moreover, add longer videos detailing how-to instructions on your site. Contact us today to find out how our affordable marketing services make this an advertising solution that you can easily incorporate with your local online presence.



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