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Landing page optimization is one of the single most important factors in converting visitors to customers. So you don’t want to make the mistake of linking back to your homepage on every single click. Instead, you will want to link back to an optimized landing page to increase your conversion rate and percentages.


This logic may have you asking when is the appropriate time to differentiate between when the click sends them to a landing page or to a home page. It’s simple. Here are 5 examples of when an optimized landing page is more important.


1. About Me


Whenever the situation calls for you to talk about yourself or your business/service/niche you will then want to include a link to your landing page. Including Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., essentially any social media outlets that describe you.


2. Status


Updating your Twitter feed? Changing your Facebook status? Include an easy, clickable link to your landing page (not your homepage). Be sure to include something about a product or service to get people interested.


3. Advertising (Pay-per-click)


Getting the most out of you’re paid for advertisements is important to your success. Linking to your optimized landing page will create revenue and conversion.


4. Building Links


Got a specific niche? Know what words drive those to your product or service? If not, research specific keywords that are the most profitable and work on link building.


5. Guest Authoring


A great way of getting a strong conversion rate within your niche and to gain exposure is to write for another website. Not only does it help to establish you as an authority for your brand, it will enable you to link to your landing page. And if you play your cards right, you may be able to link to your homepage as well.


Want more tips and tricks on making your website the best it can be? Please contact us so we can help market your online business. Also, don’t forget to check out our ebook called The Essential Step-By-Step Guide To Internet Marketing, available here.


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