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Continue to pay attention to web design; this will simplify search engine marketing in niche markets.  Companies that appeal to a small demographic isn’t going to have the resources to compete with the major chains.  Instead remain focused on what you can do – be a popular alternative.  Simple changes to your website are the best solution to look brand new all the time – even if you rarely update it.

Evergreen Content

In articles and blogs, evergreen means long-lasting.  If you don’t have the money or resources for blogs, create blogs that speak volumes for years.  Users read content that is two to five years old and can tell if the information written is useful in today’s mind frame.  How-to blogs, advice, tips and tricks work the best.  Eliminate trends, news and opinions as those will fade or change in a few months.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is one website converging many devices.  It fits the screen of those devices automatically for easy viewing.  It’s easier to navigate the site and read the important stuff without scrolling the page or jumping through hoops to find it.  While this set-it-and-forget-it approach works for every niche industry, it is especially great for interaction modules such as polls, surveys, graphs, charts and calculators.


A large image like the Bing homepage is a great way to freshen up the page.  To prevent loading issues shrink the image file size using file compression websites.  If a large image has loading issues, a medium size image will do.  However, make sure to use the rest of the space to its full potential.


Niche markets don’t have a lot to offer like the large corporations so keep the website simple.  Landing pages and landing homepage websites are great examples of this.  A simple navigation bar across the top, side or bottom of the page shows organization and elegance. The target audience are on a mission to find something so allow them a platform to find it as quickly as possible.
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