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In the Information Age, fewer and fewer people pick up the phone to research companies they want to do business with. They turn to their favorite web-browser and search for what they need. If your business doesn’t show up in their online search, their money will go to someone else.

Where do you start? What do you include? Your website is a potentially powerful marketing tool. It isn’t just an old-fashioned newspaper ad with your contact information and a list of your services.

Here are some things to help people remember you and come back for more when doing website development for tradesmen.

Show customers testimonials and previous work

People like to see what they are getting before they buy. This is especially true of expensive works like fitting a new bathroom or decked garden area. Unfortunately for tradesmen this can be difficult as most of their previous work will be in other people’s homes. With a website, you can show pictures or videos of your best work alongside customer testimonials. A major headache for people looking to contract a tradesman is trying to filter the professionals from the cowboys. By showing them your previous works on your website you can put their mind at ease and increase the likelihood that they will pick you out of the crowd.

Gain good search engine rankings easily

Search terms involving both keywords relating to your profession combined with local town names will have little or no competition. So it is possible for new websites to claim these search terms and easily gain first place rankings. This is particularly true when combined with google local service. Imagine the advantages of having a map to your business premises and a phone number appear first on google for search terms such as ‘plumbers in Raleigh’ and ‘find a roofer Raleigh’.

Helpful information

Helpful information about your area of expertise in the form of blogs engages both potential and existing customers. Are you a painter? Blogs about choosing colors and types of paint are always in demand. Are you a plumber? Create goodwill by explaining when customers can do repairs themselves and when they need to call you.

Social media integration

Everyone has their favorite social media platform. Can you be reached on Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Others? Your website needs to connect to popular social media platforms. And you need to know what sorts of posts go over well on each. Social media is the new “word of mouth.” People ask friends about who to hire for trade jobs on social media. If they can’t easily reply with your online contact information, their project goes to another business.

Professional First Impression

Many small businesses don’t have websites. By getting a website designed for your business you will be showing your customers a sleek and professional front giving them more peace of mind when it comes to contracting your services. The internet doesn’t easily differentiate between big and small businesses. A major contractor turning over millions of dollars a year can have a terrible website while a local provider can have an excellent one. So even a new website has a good chance of succeeding if developed properly.

Does all of this sound like a lot? It is sometimes overwhelming, especially when you are often out of the office on job sites or meeting with clients. Let us help you. Contact us for your website and social media management needs.



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