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Website development is at the heart of success for business today. Are you a business startup looking for ways to grow? So many now famous entrepreneurs started in their house or garage. Daymond John, CEO and owner of FUBU, the now internationally famous clothing line, started in his house and he sold hats he created on the streets of New York! Both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs started their now insanely wealthy technology companies in their garages. You have to start somewhere and there are many who got their start with only a few resources and their garage work space. It took them miles of leg work, endless knocking on doors, and years of perseverance to get to where they are today.


But now…we are in a different era. And things can happen a lot faster. We are in the era where people are self-publishing and getting discovered on You Tube overnight. The era when musicians are being noticed and go from “small town band” to “overnight sensation” in 24 hours sometimes…the era of “anything can happen!” And you can take advantage of that as a small startup business. Start by focusing on website development to reach the most customers fast.


If you are starting a business from your home or garage, you need the resources to help you take your business from your garage to the world. Here are a few sound tips to get you started:


  • Use social media. I cannot stress this point enough. Everyone is on social media, talking to friends, making business deals, sharing their excitement. So your business should be there too. Being on social media gives you a direct line to the customers where they are and gives you a viable method for customer feedback as well.


  • Create online ordering capabilities. This goes without saying. If you are going to be where the people are, you may as well make sales too! Having an online shopping cart or online order form is essential. Once you convince people you’ve got the goods, give them a shopping cart to put it in!


  • Be mobile! Don’t forget your mobile customers. It is predicted that over 2/3 of the world’s population will have a mobile device in just a few short years. To stay within your customers’ reach, you have to have a mobile shopping cart solution and mobile capabilities. Make sure your website is “mobile friendly” too with easy-to-use ordering capabilities.


  • Be visual! People respond to video. Creating a cool video for your business for You Tube puts you in the hands of even more mobile and “at home” desktop users. So create a short video (around 2 minutes is all you need) to draw more customers in. There are 500 million visitors to You Tube each month and 500 million people can’t be wrong!


  • Be creative! Always look for ways to further engage your audience and get their opinion on your products. Customer feedback is one of the most important reasons customers return and are happy with their purchase. So be willing to do “service after the sale” and listen to what your customer wants to encourage repeat business.


Remember, you may be starting in your garage or back room of your house, but a lot of great businesses started that way too. You just have to reach out through the internet using the techniques above and others to reach the world. You, too can “go global” by utilizing the amazing tools that are out there today.


We truly are in the world of “anything can happen.” The first step is to take your startup and make it global. Good luck on your entrepreneurial ventures! Contact us if we can help you take the next step in getting your business into the global market with website development.


Download an ebook here to learn more about internet marketing and how it can boost your business to new levels.



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