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Maintenance is important in almost every aspect of our lives. Buildings, machines, and even our health require maintenance. The same is true of your website. If not properly maintained, parts of your website can “break down.” Database glitches for example, can affect the appearance and functionality of your website. Links and images get broken and video embeds stop working. Without maintenance, a website becomes obsolete as the Internet and your business evolves.

After the investment of building and marketing your website, it only makes sense to keep it in top form so that visitors get a good impression and make use of your products and services. Website development is an ongoing process requiring long-term maintenance on your part. Keep your website in good working order by using the four maintenance tips below:

Keep Your Website Software Up To Date

If your website uses a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, upgrade the CMS as well as your theme and plugins to their latest versions. WordPress and other content management systems make updates to improve their performance, add new features, and to make security enhancements. The same is true of themes and plugins. Another reason for keeping themes and plugins up to date is to avoid compatibility problems with new CMS updates.

Check for Broken Links and Images

Websites with broken links and images look abandoned and obsolete which give a bad impression. Links become broken when their destinations no longer exist or have changed their URLs. Images get broken in a similar way in that the image location gets changed or the image itself is deleted.

A similar problem exists with embedded videos that reference popular video upload sites such as Youtube. The embedded video stops working when the owner of the video takes it down. Quickly check broken links by using the numerous online link validators.

Keep Your Website Current with Your Business Changes

Out-of-service contact phone numbers, out-of-stock products, and expired coupons create a poor impression. A busy work schedule can certainly cause website updating to lag behind. However, an up to date website is essential for getting new contacts and customers as well as keeping your old customers satisfied.

Maintain a Fast Website

Having a fast website when it’s brand new doesn’t guaranty that it will stay that way. Websites slow down over time as new pages are added and traffic increases. Website speed comes down to not overloading your server. This is done by efficient web page design and/or using a server with more capacity.

The elements used on your page such as images, scripts, advertisements, social media buttons, and the other components found on side bars adds to the work that your server must do. Check page loading speed during times of peak usage. Periodically review the various gadgets and other components on your site and ask if they matter to your business bottom line.

If you have questions about website maintenance and other development problems, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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