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It goes without saying that most thriving businesses have a tablet or smartphone versions of their website. It has become second nature to establish a web persona, either through a mobile website or app, to drive business, sales, services, and products.

Unfortunately, however, not all of these mobile versions are created equal. Many lack the responsiveness to make them viable and sometimes even user friendly. Here are some cost effective and time-saving techniques of responsive web design.

Basics are Important

In order to be responsive, a website should be flexible, fluid, and use something akin to CSS3 Media Queries to render the site for use on all sized screens and across various resolutions. This enables all fonts to be available for every individual device, in a legible and clear form that is both aesthetically adaptive and proportionate.

CSS3 Media Queries

In the old days of website adaptability switching between devices simply meant a switch of theme through CMS-based platforms, or even sometimes creating an entirely new version of your website, one that most often didn’t offer nearly the same user experience and ease of use.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) candidate recommendation, while new, is a feature on the fast track to becoming a solid media query that CSS3 brings. A media query is essentially a set of conditions used to set the rules for color, height, width, that renders a display for different devices. Further, media queries can be coupled with CSS3 transitions, adding animation and visual texture to a site.


Responsive web design is perhaps the best current way to give a positive user experience to the widest (and growing) number of platforms and devices. Progressive web development should be focused on content delivery to the largest swath of users possible, on as many devices that exist, in the simplest and easiest manner that can be devised.

Is your site dynamic? If you said no, contact us for more information on how we can help. And for great insight and guidance into internet marketing, download our ebook today.

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