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Website development has always been known as an ever-changing field. And with 2014 just a few weeks old, many are bracing themselves for such new changes in the scene. So, let’s take a quick look at some of these developments that are expected to make an impact for this year.


The growth of the HTML 5-based website


While HTML 5 has been around for several years now, it is only recently being fully adopted for website development. The growth of social media is often considered as the catalyst that hastened the adoption of this newer standard for web development. As it is, HTML 5 allows for an easier and more direct integration of multimedia elements, such as video and audio players. Another major selling point of HTML 5 is better inclusion of social media content.


For this year, as predicted by writer Jake Rocheleau, HTML 5-based video players are going to gain a lot of attention from many designers wishing to put multimedia content on their site’s pages. Up to now, Flash still predominates when it comes to multimedia website content carriers. However, the Flash standard has been criticized by many designers for being too code-heavy, as well as not offering more varied support. HTML 5-based players like Video.Js and MediaElements.Js are expected to be a lot more streamlined, while being able to provide more functionality, such as having more optional design skins for the players themselves to better match a website’s overall feel.


Flat design is coming


The term flat design is a relatively new one when it comes to website development. So, what is it? Flat design is basically a site design style in which the individual elements of a website, such as buttons and text boxes, are presented in a simple but aesthetically pleasing manner. A flat design user interface, for instance, uses only basic shapes and simple color schemes. The design aesthetic initially became widespread in mobile devices like the Apple iPhone, as a means of providing easier navigation on a smaller screen.


However, Taylor Hawes of HostGator says that the design aesthetic is now going to be a lot more present in websites intended for desktop users. He says that the shift is mainly due to web developers and designers looking for means to trim down the visual clutter of desktop PC-viewed pages, while still keeping these pleasing to look at.


More dynamic and interactive web pages


As more people look out for a more engaging user experience, web developers are expected to come up with novel ways to present their pages. One particular trend in this area is the introduction of long scrolling sites. Maryan Taheri describes the potential of this idea:


“Scrolling through a website is faster and easier than having to click through links to access information. They are not the content-cluttered long scrolling pages of the past, either. New design techniques allow the content to be impeccably organized and formatted in a way that’s super easy to read and digest. Long scrolling site can change layout and design as you’re scrolling, which makes it easy to forget that you’re actually scrolling through quite a bit of information.”


And this is not yet the end of it, as developers’ imaginations is definitely going into high gear this year to provide the best user experience possible.


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