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Companies need logos and brands to capture customers’ attention.  Businesses often mistake logos as a brand, and assuming a brand only requires a logo.  The words logo and brand are two different things that play two different parts in making your business a success. So what’s the difference between a logo and a brand?


Logos are visual designs that are easily recognizable by customers.  It stands in the same league as the company name.  Customers recognize the logo more than anything else related to the company.  Logos are in the form of symbols, the company name, colors or a trademark.  Good logos evoke emotions and memories that relate to them.  This is a visual way to communicate with potential customers.


A brand is the marketing and interaction behind the logo.  It consists of the slogan, communication, design, target area, voice, promotion, message, position, presence and customer experience.  The brand separates one business from another.  Products and services further separate businesses from each other because no two companies sell the exact same things.  Brands are promoted offline and through Digital marketing to reach as many people as possible.  The brand is the connection that brings customers to the company.


By itself a logo is nothing more than an image on a piece of paper.  Anyone can claim the logo is theirs.  By itself a brand is words and phrases geared toward many people around the world.  Words and phrases alone are bland and forgettable.  Logos bring visual appeal to branding.  Instead of reading and hearing it, logos make customers see the company.  Branding makes a logo more than a drawing.  Branding lifts logos off the page and makes it synonymous with the company.


Logos and brands work together but never mistake them as one.  It is used interchangeably in conversation but understand that each of them serve a different purpose.  Logos are a piece of the brand, not the whole brand.  For more information on logos and brands do not hesitate to contact us.


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