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From general profile websites to niche websites like music, video, blogs, job seekers and photos, there are too many social media sites to join.  Some feel too small (not enough visitors to make a dent), others feel too big (too much competition to stand out) and only a few feel just right. What social media website is just right for your business? Use the following to narrow it down.


Just like your business serves a purpose, your Social media marketing venture must serve a purpose too.  What is the reason for joining this website?  Feeling hip, joining the “in” crowd, and because “I have to” aren’t good reasons.  A better question is “What is the goal?”  Be focused in your answer and search for websites that serve these reasons.


If the thought of choosing one is overwhelming, approach the website differently.  Think “What can this website do for my business?”  Photo websites are all about stunning visual content and making collections of photos.  Video websites are great for recording content and showing it to your users.  Business websites are made for job seekers, recruiters and other business professionals. Blogs offer written information with flexibility for video, podcasts, photos and music.  Twitter is great for sending information to users immediately.  General websites like Facebook and Google+ are flexible websites that will work in any way you envision.  Get creative and think of things you can share with your audience and then navigate to those sites.


Where are your users located?  Find your customers through online surveys, group discussions and polls.  Another way to find your customers is through social media.  Search through search engines and search features in chosen social networks to see if your company is the topic of discussion.  Google Media is a great tool to have in your arsenal; it will lead you to conversations related to your company around the web.

A good idea is to start with one website.  Get a feel for the social media vibe and find your comfort zone during online interactions. Experiment with the site each day for a month.  Allow yourself room to make mistakes and to grow as a person.  That will help your business grow.  If you’re ready for another, then join another.  If this website isn’t for you, find another one.  Stay the course to achieve results. Being everywhere at once is only going to hurt your efforts.

Joining the major social media websites isn’t always the answer for your business.  Choosing a lesser-known website doesn’t mean your business will be forgotten.  Social media for business is about finding the best solutions for growth.  Find where your users are and follow them.  It’s that simple.  Contact us for more information on social media.

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