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Like SEO Digital marketing strategies take time to work.  Some strategies are effective; others have the potential to be effective.  Understand that it’s normal for some tactics to be a miss for your company.  It’s not easy finding a new strategy, but if you did everything you can let go.  Remain persistent to be a success.


Fluff Out, Quality Content In:  Digital marketers and SEO professionals are taught to write content based on layering keywords inside the content.  Keywords such as “motorcycle for females Indiana” are not sentence friendly.  They don’t flow well in sentences and come off as awkward when reading the copy.  Write for the reader, not the search engines.  Search engines are not reading the content; your viewers are.  Focus on writing quality information with valuable and useful advice.  With search engines adding updates that make it hard for companies to reach the first page, companies are forced to write good content to stand a chance of climbing.


Change Your Perception:  Instead of giving up on the strategy use it in another angle.  Hire an outsider to see the company from a different perspective.  Give those new angles time to flourish (if it does flourish).  Make sure you did everything you can do before trying something new.  Another way to look at it is change the internal approach.  Unify content creation experts and SEO management contractors for a one-stop approach to your digital strategy.


Link Strategy:  Links are just as important as the content.  The links entices people to come to your page to read the rest or to browse your site for more information.  Create a linking strategy.  Know who, what, when, where and why with your links.  Figure out how to get more links (within search engine rules).  One way to add links is to place one on ‘contact us’ or more call to action links.


Is your digital strategy working?  It’s time to analyze your strategies and how effective it is.  Contact us for more information on digital strategies.  Any strategy not up to par is holding your company back instead of moving it forward.  We will assist with new strategies that will work for you.


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